Growth hormone .. By the winners of cheating

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Growth hormone .. By the winners of cheating

Sydney - A study is the first of its kind in the world on the effects of human growth hormone to improve athletic performance that this substance can be credited with winning the gold medal athlete in a race to the enemy rather than to come in last place.

Said Ken is a researcher at the Institute of Jarfan for Medical Research in Sydney, "It's the first time that notes that the growth hormone has a positive effect on performance .. According to the hormone is not to give more energy or force but rather to provide a person the energy needed for muscles to perform at the beginning of activity" .

The Agency international anti-doping, "WADA" Financing of the study related to injecting daily in support of the efficiency of the enemy in men and women.

Hu said "We have concluded that the improvement in the efficiency of the enemy can reduce the time the enemy by 4.0 seconds every 10 seconds it takes the rider in the enemy for a distance of 100 meters .. This improvement can prevent hostility last in the standings among the contestants in the finals Olympics to be a winner gold medal."

It is legitimate to use growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland naturally, in the treatment of developmental disorders in children.

Ada, and suspect that it was the use of hormone illegal for decades, where it was not available to resort to testing for blood doping before 2004.

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