Causes of night sweats

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Causes of night sweats

أسباب التعرق الليلي - العرق الليلي Causes of night sweats

The causes of night sweats - night sweats Causes of night sweats

There are a lot of people complain of night sweats (night sweats). And intended to race at night is any increase in the sweat from normal occur during the night (during sleep). And the person may feel an increase in sweat during sleep as a natural consequence in some cases, such as to be Joe the bedroom on the unusually hot, or use a lot of covers of the mattress. And is not, of course, the real race night we are talking about.

And so that the distinction between night sweats due to medical grounds, race excess resulting from the atmosphere very warm person. The doctors knew the true night sweats caused by pathogens that feeling of redness and severe heat occur during the night, and may lead to wetting clothing and bed linen and not have to do with the warmth of the atmosphere. And has confused sometimes between night sweats and a sense of hotter facial redness and Flushing.

And there are many causes of night sweats. And so the doctor can determine the cause must obtain a medical history of the person in detail, and ask for some tests and tests to diagnose the disease, which causes sweat at night.

Summarize the main causes of night sweats in the following points:


Menopause Menopause:
Feeling of warmth and redness associated with menopause can occur during the night and cause night sweats. That is a more common causes of night sweats in women in menopause.


Hyperhidrosis Idiopathic Idiopathic Hyperhydrosis:
Idiopathic hyperhidrosis Idiopathic Hyperhydrosis a chronic condition where there is a continuing race plus the entire body without any reason satisfactory.


HIV Infection:
There are some types of infections that lead to night sweats. And TB is the most common types of infection, accompanied by night sweats. And there are other types of infection caused night sweats, such as bacterial infections of the heart Endocarditis (inflammation of the heart valves), inflammation of the bone marrow Osteomyelitis, abscess Abscess. HIV infection also cause night sweats.


Cancer Cancer:
Night sweats is an early sign of infection with certain types of cancer. And the most common cancers associated with the race night is lymphoma. Of course it is not the only show in the incidence of cancer before being diagnosed, but also a patient complains of weight loss, and high temperature.


Medications Medications:
Taking certain medications, leading to night sweats. Many of the cases suffer from night sweats without any symptoms of infection or cancer, it is often the reason is drugs. And drugs that cause night sweats are:

Medicines, antidepressants Antidepressant Drugs. All types of antidepressant medications have a side-effect it is a race night (8-22% of the cases dealing with drugs for depression suffer from night sweats).

Some anti-psychotic drugs.

Drugs reduced the heat aspirin Aspirin, acetaminophen and Acetaminophen.

Some types of medication cortisone.

And there are other types of drugs lead to a sense of heat and redness Facial Flushing, which is sometimes confused between them and the race night. And an example of these drugs niacin Niacin, and sildenafil (Viagra) Sildenafil - Viagra.


Low sugar Hypoglycemia:
Sometimes low blood sugar levels cause excessive sweat. And diabetics who consumed drugs or insulin, low-sugar and may develop bouts of low sugar during the night, thus leading to their race at night.


Hormonal disorders Hormone Disorders:
Night sweats and feeling the heat and redness Flushing occurs with many diseases, hormonal disorders. For example, disease and excessive thyroid Hyperthyroidism, Asertauip syndrome Carcinoid Syndrome, tumor Rultm Pheochromocytoma.


Neurological diseases Neurologic Diseases:
Some rare cases of neurological diseases lead to increased sweat and sometimes night sweats. For example, stroke, and Stroke, Neuropathy Almstkulai Autonomic Neuropathy

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