Obesity .. Types, causes and treatment

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Obesity .. Types, causes and treatment

Key brands increase the adipose tissue in the body
Jeddah: d. Abdel-Hafiz Yahya Khoja
Obesity is one of the most common problems in medical practice. Despite the ease of diagnosis and identify its causes, they are more difficult to cure diseases, and the least cure or improvement in the long run.

This is due to the phenomenon of obesity is complex, and interfered with many factors: genetic, psychological, emotional, social (friends, social relations, norms and social traditions), economic (the abundance of food, transportation), and environmental factors, climate (pretty cold, intense heat). Talked to the «healthy» Dr. Shirin essential, responsible health education, nutrition, University Hospital, King Abdul Aziz and King Fahd in Jeddah, and I knew obesity as increasing body weight alone, the natural result of the accumulation of fat in it, and this accumulation results from an imbalance between energy intake from food and energy consumed in the the body.

Obesity and is known as increasing the adipose tissue in the body, but weight gain is not a precise definition of obesity, weight gain may be associated with increased muscle mass, or the magnitude of the skeleton, or fluid retention in the body.

She added that the accurate measurement of body fat needs to be sophisticated techniques are available for daily use for all people.

There are now devices to help calculate the different components of the body: fat, fluid, fat-free mass (muscle and bone) through a different passage of a certain type of waves through the tissues of the body.

Criterion of obesity

* For a reasonable estimate of the fat in the body have agreed to use the so-called «body mass index, BMI» a = weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters.

Example: a man weighing 57 kg, length 173 cm, body mass index is as follows: BMI = 57 / (1.73) ² = 19 (kg / square meter).

The causes of obesity and type

* Dr. explained that the most important fundamental causes of obesity increase in eating rich in calories, physical inactivity and lack of exercise and sport. It is true that these two factors are the most important factors in the incidence of obesity, but it seems that the genetic factor play a significant role in obesity and type. It emphasizes the role and there is a similarity in body mass index between adopted children and their parents the real, while there is no relationship between this index and when they have adoptive parents. The studies confirm this genetic predisposition to twins. And heredity can play a role in the incidence of obesity increased by 40-70%.

And confirmed that the place of accumulation of body fat is important from a medical point. Increased accumulation of lipids in the upper part of the body (groins, abdomen and chest), the biggest threat to the health of its accumulation in the lower part of the body (thighs and hips).

There are the so-called male obesity, which combine the grease in the upper part, also called central obesity or abdominal obesity, and resembles the shape of the body in the form of the apple.

A female obesity, the accumulation of lipids in the lower part of the body, similar to the body in the form of pear.

The central obesity is waist circumference greater than about 88 cm in women, 102 cm in men. And where the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference (W / H) 0.85 in women and men 1.

Is associated with a greater risk of diabetes, strokes, ischemic attacks, and early death.

Complications of obesity and risk

* Obesity raises both susceptibility to death and disease. One of the most common diseases in obese people:

Arterial hypertension.

Diabetes type II.

High cholesterol and blood lipids.

Ischemic attack.


Disability, psychological and social development.

Obesity also increases the risk of certain cancers such as cancers of the colon and rectum, and prostate (in men), and cancers of the breast, uterus, ovary and biliary tract (in women).

Obese people suffer more than others from:

Accidents blood clots and angiotensin in the veins and arteries.

Digestive diseases (gall bladder stones and inflammation of the esophagus or retrospective Kulsi GERD).

Various skin infections (bacterial and fungal).

Treatment of obesity

* According to Dr essential that the treatment of obesity needs to be as follows: diet, exercise, medication, surgical intervention, psychiatric treatment, other methods. Drug therapy drugs such as speeding to fill Sibutramine Sibutramine, and Risdaktil (Reductil 10 mg, 15 mg). The latter operates according to two vehicles, it accelerates satiety, reduces food intake, and maintains a high level of metabolic exceeded the burning process and thus be less contained and increases the expense. It fits overweight at the age between 18 to 65 years.

Drug reduces fat absorption in the intestine.

New drugs work on CB1 receptors in the brain.

Surgical treatment

* It is at:

The presence of obesity with a BMI above 40.

The failure of diet and drug therapy.

The existence of major diseases requiring reduced weight, and then can be used to work if it exceeds the surgical body mass index 35.

Tips for good nutrition drink 6 8 glasses of water a day to maintain the burning naturally within the body to get rid of waste between meals.

Use olive oil and corn instead of animal fats.

Minimize the use of sugar and fried foods and meat is high in fat and salt (3 g / day), less than a teaspoon, because it does not work to dissolve fat.

Breakfast before ten o'clock in the morning, and that the time between the meal and the other of 4 5 hours, but no later than eight o'clock dinner in the evening.

Eating vegetables (lettuce, cucumbers and tomato) If you feel hungry. Not eating while watching TV. Not to sleep directly after lunch.

Minimize the coffee and tea.

Exercise daily (walking) and about one hour.

Change the pattern of life: the follow-up and regular diet, sports, and medicine.

«Experience» with obesity .. On the tongue of an experienced and a doctor - graduated steps, increased opportunities for change to better

* Tell Dr. Mamdouh Farid Adas, Fellow Royal College of Physicians, London, in the Taif Medical Center.

You are the owner severe obesity, weigh about 114 kg based around the abdomen, forming a broad _khasra Chhamat with liver and a rise in Onzimath, the Crown family history of diabetes, in addition to my lifestyle and eating habits programmed from an early age I still do it without consciousness.

Yes, I was obese patients .. I tell patients, obesity is not a facade satisfactory at times and the tire in so many times, but fat cells in the abdominal area between the viscera, are active cells and not stored fat alone, as we thought, which is secreted with high risk involved in the event of several diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure high and hardening of the arteries, stroke, polycystic ovaries and Chhm liver can lead to cirrhosis and cancer, let alone the mechanical output of the weight of the load on the back and joints.

I was a doctor .. Read the future in the pages of journals that talk about obesity, and how severe is the future If you do not pay attention to what I am taking a firm decision taken back, especially that there is good news came from the many studies that the loss of ten kilograms of weight leading to a decrease of ten degrees in the systolic pressure and 20 degrees in the diastolic pressure, and the lack of about 50% of sugar (fasting), and the lack of 10% of the total cholesterol, and 15% of harmful cholesterol, and 30% of triglycerides, with an increase of 8% in cholesterol beneficial, too Ithasin breathing during sleep, and improve the functions of the ovary and reproductive opportunity for those who have polycystic ovaries and the generally less than the mortality rate of 20%, while those who have diabetes reduces 30%, and has less cancers by 40%. As for the mechanical side, a Vianagas kg only ease of carrying 10 kg on the back and 4 kg on the knees.

That was the picture and I had to choose.

The first steps are aware of .. Yes, the realization that there is a problem and must be the change!.

Target is to maintain my health and the means is to lose weight (I was not aware of the confusion between the two), and of course this will not happen by itself, was to learn the methods and ways to help me on this.

Culture was the first step of the food, it is not all placed in the mouth food «As I'm Adam to eat» .. Fortunately, Valotamp high nutritional value (but not calorie high), often reduce the weight Kalkhaddrawat and fruit with some protein and carbohydrates, learning calories and physiology of eating and hunger and satiety, and the concomitant internal changes, and came to shove!

* And learned mechanisms help me to programming myself in the new situation, The enthusiasm will fade away and will not only benefit the programming. I walk about half an hour a day is also exploited in the male and prayer and meditation. And began to prepare for a new environment around me for support, environment does not allow to fail.

It was fortunate that I had absorbed that change does not happen quickly, but on the steps, the more steps, the greater the chances of change better, Vtkhalst of anxiety resulting from the attempt to jump to the product quickly, also enlisted the experience of others, I read many books had learned what suits my experience and I am going to refer specifically to the book Dr. Phill.

Stage of practice, is at stake, the psychological Bermjti begun to bear fruit, the goal was clear and burning desire and the mental picture of what I will get fixed on me with an internal dialogue with the positive change the meaning of deprivation that may accompany some people to the meaning of health and victory and will.

Were eligible Bermjti psychological, but biological weapons programming resulting from the eating habits of a large quantities, began to come on at this stage, in a sense very hungry accompanied by symptoms of hypoglycemia than his familiarity with the body in the past dizziness and fatigue. And had the good fortune in this period the emergence of drug helps me a sense of satiety, has helped me a lot in the first Shahuri (Reductil).

Now is lack of weight 30 kg, I'm still studiously been at this for eight years. Bermjti new stop me to go back to what I was before. I am happy, awareness is rewarded and we live life deserves to be in good health.

«Wisdom to know what you must do, and skill to know how to do, and success is to do».

Habits, poor nutrition lead to the short lifespan of human

* Dr. Fouad Niazi, a specialist in the treatment of obesity and the treatment of pain, hospital Bagedo Dr. Irfan, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the treatment of pain and the World Association American Seattle, Wash., U.S., that obesity is a serious disease that are accompanied by many complications and lead to the short lifespan of human sexes, Fmarb obesity at risk of diabetes, blood pressure, gall bladder and the high proportion of fat in the blood.

He expressed that there is a direct relationship between the firm and overweight (obesity), arthritis, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes, but to increase the incidence of stomach cancer and inflammation of the gallbladder.

In fact, obesity is a disease that threatened almost every member of the body. Vnglgl fat cells and the invasion of heart tissue for example, reduces the efficiency of pumping blood, and do not bear the skeleton to the amount of excess fat and not distributed regularly, leading to infections early in the joints and bones. The lungs, thus causing pressure in overweight impede the movement of the diaphragm, the lungs are not able to stretch from the good. Affect obesity but also in the secretion of hormones in both sexes, which could threaten the risk of impotence, and even higher incidence of breast cancer.

The psychological impact of obesity in a patient with a large and in its relations to society, but also his marriage, and we see in front of people hiding under the guise of a smile and tell jokes, bitterness leads to an increase in the rate of eating, and consequently increased obesity.

Finally, advises Dr. Fouad Niazi obese patients Exercise and Sport, as well as psychological readiness for treatment, and moderation in food, as well as the use of certain medications that help to lose weight and work on the absorption of fat following the food that impede the absorption of fat will contribute to weight loss, are advised not to use any medicine without consult a doctor.

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