Cirrhosis of the liver .

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Cirrhosis of the liver .

No member of the human body carries out many functions such as the liver is responsible for:
- Clotting factors in the blood.
- Prevent the impact of toxins on the human body and its equivalent (in other words Ihaidha) such as drugs or alcohol.
- Manufacturing (secretion) of yellow that helps the body absorb fat and cholesterol.
- Maintain the averages for the Scrve blood.
- Organization of work of many hormones.
Cirrhosis of the liver is a disease of the liver cells and natural tissues become full of scars (damaged tissue) to prevent the skin multiple functions, and in advanced cases is very much damage the liver depends entirely performance of its functions, which makes the cultivation of a necessity. And mortality of this disease are high.
Causes of cirrhosis of the liver:
- Excessive alcohol, because alcohol has a toxic effect on liver cells, and may differ from the influence of alcohol when you drink from one person to another so that the large amount condition only for the infection. Also that women are more vulnerable to infection than men, even though handling small quantities.
Infection with hepatitis C, where C causes inflammation of the liver and then to the fibrosis. The percentage of 20% of people who are infected with the virus to evolve into cirrhosis after a period of time up to 20 years.
Infection with hepatitis B and P, which has the same effect virus (HCV), and lead to cirrhosis of the liver as well.
Infection with hepatitis C virus (de D) and correlates of infection when infection with HIV (P B).
Diseases of the immune system (although one of the reasons that cause the rare disease) which attacks the bile duct or liver cells.
Incidence of side effects of one medication or drugs.
Long-term exposure to environmental toxins.
Frequent infections from bacteria and parasites that infect the liver.
Excessive accumulation of fat on the liver, leading to the formation of scars.
Genetic diseases, including (Hemochromatosis):
An accumulation of iron on the liver and the other Member - Wilson's disease, which produces the abnormal concentrations of copper - (alphal-anti-lyrpsin) the absence of a particular enzyme in the liver.

Symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver:

In the early stages do not show symptoms of the disease, but when you die of liver cells produce less proteins regulate fluid retention and blood clots, and lose their ability to metabolize bilirubin. The main symptoms:
- A sense of fatigue.
- Loss of appetite.
- Nausea and vomiting.
- Pain in the abdomen.
- General weakness.
- Weight loss.
- Accumulation of water in the legs, and abdominal ascites.
- High temperature and fever.
- Incidence of jaundice acquire the body and the whites of the eyes yellow.
- Itching.
- Loss of focus.
- Kidney failure in the later stages.
Once the atrophy of liver cells fail to clear the blood of toxins and less efficient than the metabolism of many drugs that increase the toxins in the body, and accumulate toxins in the brain, the following changes occur:

1 - excessive sensitivity to drugs.
2 - behavioral changes, including confusion, neglect of appearance, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, change in sleep habits.
3 - he lost consciousness.
4 - to engage in a coma.
5 - and the scars that are found in the liver, impairing blood flow, and raise the pressure in the portal vein that carries blood from the digestive organs and spleen to the liver and this condition is called portal hypertension.
And swells (swell) the blood vessels in the stomach and visual which leads to the body's re-building new vessels to nourish the liver and these vessels are called Baldoual bloated and have a high wall and if one of which exploded causing bleeding leading to death within hours.
6 - If the person vomits blood by resorting to immediately seek medical help.

Diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver:

Asks the doctor first about your medical history and whether you have had by any disease, and whether there is a history and hereditary in the family of the injured liver diseases, diet behaviors are, or alcohol, history of medical, chances of infection with hepatitis (B, C) such as the use of intravenous drugs (drugs).

During the medical examination, the doctor can feel the doctor whether the size of the liver is larger than normal and rigid, and it noted that if there is blueness and yellowness in the skin, or the accumulation of fluid in the legs or abdomen.

It is recommended that blood tests and this guide to increase the proportion of toxins and lack of secretion of the liver of substances that help the body's natural functions. The work could be done a CT scan or ultrasound on the liver or by using a radioactive substance called non-harmful (Radioisotoe). The sample is one of the diagnostic methods used as taken from the liver tissue to test whether there is by scarring and damage to the entire cells.

Time the disease:
Cirrhosis of the liver disease rapidly evolving in the early stages and can not be treated or cured. And treatment provided is to keep the situation does not deteriorate rapidly.
Prevention of cirrhosis of the liver:
1 - Avoid alcohol should not exceed two glasses for men and one glass for women per day and if you suffer from any chronic problems in the liver or hepatitis epidemic You should avoid alcohol altogether.

2 - Avoid HIV infection hepatitis virus (B, C) and through drug injection or illicit sexual intercourse with different people.
3 - Tattoo: To ensure the use of sterile instruments and clean when printing tattoos on the skin or for any other purpose.
4 - vaccination against viral infection (me) in three doses, which contributes 90% of protection against this disease.
5 - working in the medical field have to take preventive measures when exposed to blood.

Treatment of cirrhosis of the liver:

Treatment varies depending on the cause and the stage reached by the disease, because liver damage can not be cured and treatment provided is solely for the purpose not to increase the situation worse. Regardless of the cause, prevent all patients from drinking alcohol and taking drugs that interfere with liver disease and is working to deterioration of the situation, including. (Tylenol)

In the case of cirrhosis of the liver, it provides treatment for more than a disease correlated with: (Anetzovin) of the HIV epidemic.

(Steroid, reluctant) or any medication inhibitor of the immune system to treat hepatitis.
Doctors use the so-called hard-vein (phlebotomy), where blood is withdrawn from the body to reduce the rates of iron.
Most types of treatment provided are directed to the repercussions of disease than the doctor recommends treatment, so eat foods low in salts or diuretics to prevent fluid retention leading to ascites, laxatives, also important to remove toxins from the body.
Prescribed medications reduce the itching and exposure to infection.
There are other drugs to reduce blood pressure.

Treatment of bleeding suffered by the patient and is in many ways.
The final stage is a liver transplant who became a successful surgery by between 90-80%, where drugs are used to help adapt to this new element with t

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