Constipation Constipation

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Constipation Constipation

Constipation (arrest) is a difficult passage of stool or a few times in the number of bowel movements (less than 3 times per week). Constipation can also refer to solid stool or a sense of incomplete evacuation.

Why does constipation occur?
There are two main factors contribute to the occurrence Constipation:


Obstruct the passage of stool because of poor bowel movement or stops movement.

Lack of water in the stool (drought), which lead to increased stool hardness and the consequent difficulty of the move in the intestine.

Result in any of the former employees of the session sequential causes of constipation (whichever occurs lead to the other).

What causes constipation?

In general there are two main reasons for constipation. Organic cause is rare, and the reason is its most functional.


Organic causes

Blockage in the colon

Constraints in the intestine

Colon cancer

Morbidity in the anus or rectum causing pain when defecating


Anal fissures (crack seal)


A fall or a hernia anus (rectum)

Coloni reflex spasm due to a bug membership




Career reasons


Constipation diet
This type of constipation is commonly believed that affects 5% of the people. And be caused by unhealthy eating habits, such as relying on eating certain types of food such as:

Food that contains no fibers and produces little waste such as meat and most types of rice

Food that is causing the hardness or stiffness stool cheese

Constipation due to side effects of drugs
Some drugs cause constipation, such as:
- Some antacids
- Some thinners (anti-) cough containing codeine
- Iron salts
- Some medicines for high blood pressure

Psychologist or mental origin
In this type constipation may alternate with diarrhea, as in cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Muscle weakness Coloni
As in patients Triho bedding (especially the elderly)

Constipation due to customs and complexions
This type due to suppression or discourage a sense of wanting to defecate because of a change in habits or living conditions
- Psychological or mental
- After quitting smoking
- Travel

Metabolic (metabolism)
Due to imbalance in the body's natural functions such as
- Lack of or increased secretion of thyroid
- Diabetes
- Increase the level of calcium in the blood
- Decreasing the level of potassium in the blood

Other reasons
- Last months of pregnancy
- After diarrhea
- At high temperatures (fever, heat)

Complications of constipation
Constipation is not a serious disease, but over a period of constipation for a long period might lead to some complications for several reasons:


Complications due to high internal pressure of the cavity (abdomen), and thus can cause
- Hemorrhoids
- Varicose scrotum (testicular) in male
- Arby's hernia (Sri)
- Headache

Complications caused by irritation of the mucous membrane anus or rectum by stool steel
- Hemorrhoids
- Anal fissures (crack seal)
- A fall or a hernia anus (rectum)

Complications of dealing with constipation due to poor
Long-term use of drug-induced or irritants may lead to decreasing the level of potassium in the blood and damage the nerve endings in the colon

Complications caused by psychological factors such as irritability

How to deal with constipation?
Must be maintained on natural bowel movement even if not the desire Htak evacuation (defecation) and must respond to the desire to eviction and failure to restrain. Should contain food fibers to ensure the increased size and mass stool. Fiber vegetables can not be digested by a large margin and is not absorbed and helps to increase the size of the stool. Fiber absorbs fluid and increase the softness of the stool and therefore the ease of evacuation. This is advised to eat fruit, vegetables constantly. It must take a sufficient amount of fluids.

There are several types of drugs used to treat constipation and called laxatives or laxatives. You must use laxatives, and laxatives with caution. May affect the absorption of some drugs, or there's contraceptive use. Can be divided laxatives, and laxatives as follows:


Softeners to increase the mass and volume Bulking agents
Can be used for this type of laxatives for a long time and safely. Works of this type slowly and kindness to promote evacuation. Optimal use of this group include increasing the dose gradually, while eating enough additional liquid to be configured size, mass and elasticity suitable for stools. This approach produces therapeutic effects of normal and lead to the formation of usually confer to deal with (not rely on familiarity and confer evacuation).

Softeners wet Wetting agents
Soften the stool to enhance the ability of water wet fermentation. And allow water to enter the cluster of fecal Tlinh and increased mass. Increase the mass stool may stimulate a bowel movement and stool soft moves effortlessly.

Laxatives infiltrating Osmotic agents and used for some diagnostic procedures intestine.

Laxatives detachment alarm Secretory or stimulant cathartics and used for some diagnostic procedures intestine.

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