Discovery of genetic risk factors for breast cancer

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Discovery of genetic risk factors for breast cancer

A new study finds that women who have five genetic mutations are more likely to develop breast cancer by 16% for others.

Thanks to this discovery scientists a step closer to being able to diagnose women who are more susceptible to breast cancer after the discovery of five mutations would increase the likelihood of the disease.

The study was conducted at the Institute of Cancer Research UK found that women who have genetic mutations are at risk of cancer by 16% more than others. It is by comparing the genetic codes for more than 16500 women with breast cancer or their families hits with 12 thousand healthy women without any family history of the disease was diagnosed in the DNA regions responsible for the risk of cancer.

The study was published in the journal "Nature Genetics". Said Dr Helen George, head of information at the "Cancer Research UK," a reporter for The Guardian newspaper of London said, "This study is the largest of its kind to explore the genetic modifications that contribute to increased risk of breast cancer. We have taken this research a step closer to developing for the diagnosis of any women who are more susceptible to the disease. And examination of such a subject to help doctors diagnose Who is more willing and can be done in the light of the decisions to reduce the chances of developing the disease later to have. "

The site has recently been diagnosed within the DNA gene Li "CD Kay 2 that any" which is organized by the division of cells in many tumors are altering Feuillé. As well as linking this gene increase the risk of skin cancer.

The Professor Nazneen Rahman of the Institute of Cancer Research, said that the results "take all relevant areas of genetic risk for breast cancer and the 18, but we still do not know which gene causes the increased risk. Therefore, the diagnosis of genes involved and the mechanisms that occur accordingly breast cancer is essential to increase our understanding of the disease and to develop the first treatment a second. "

And are convinced that the risks due to inherited genetic factors, such as a common gene mutations, which feeds each one of them risk. It seems that more newly discovered mutations are those that are related to breast cancer sensor of hormones. And more forms of cancer are those mediated by stimulating hormone estrogen.

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