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IBS is a disorder of the digestive system resulting in an imbalance in
Colon function and abdominal pain, without the presence of an organic disorder is clear. Is
Diagnosis of this condition clinically after denied Organic causes of the symptoms.

IBS is one of the most prevalent diseases and least pronounced
For doctors. Until recently, many doctors consider this
Disease is just a symptom of psychological tension, and not a disease based

Irritable bowel syndrome:

This disease affects young people more than adults, and the disease often starts
Before the age of 45 years, but this does not mean that there are a large number of adults
Age who are infected as well. It also affects women more than men
(Almost doubled).

There are two groups of patients:

- Patients who complain of abdominal pain associated disorders
And colon function, such as constipation or diarrhea, or both (80% of cases)

- Patients who complain of chronic diarrhea without pain (20% of cases).
me for you to get it checked, as it could easily be Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Also known as spastic colon, IBS is a functional bowel disorder characterized by mild to severe abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating in the stomach, constipation or diarrhoea and alteration of the bowel habits.
Abdominal pain:

Be different and the severity of abdominal pain significantly, as can be in the
Anywhere from the upper part of the abdomen, and is often temporarily
(Newbie) on the form of cramps (colic), and can overlap with the pain
Others exist for various reasons (bitterness, for example).

May be mild pain can be ignored, and up to high intensity hinder
Everyday life. But the pain does not appear to within a few hours awake, and does not
Prevents the patient from sleep. Increasing pain sometimes after eating or after
Psychological tension, and improve after the liberation of gas or stool.

Disorders and colon function:

These disorders are the most abundant supply in this disease.
The most common situation is the rotation of constipation and diarrhea, with a predominance of
One over the other. When the predominantly constipation, it is possible to continue
For consecutive months prior to the case of diarrhea.

Gas and bloating:

IBS patients complain about a lot of flatulence and retention
Gases, and be rid of them comfortable.

Symptoms of upper digestive tract:

25% to 50% of patients with IBS complain of indigestion
Indigestion, heartburn, nausea and vomiting. This produces symptoms of the existence of
Unrest also in the small intestine, and is occurring during the period of vigilance and
Not during sleep.

Mechanism and causes of the disease:

Still the mechanism and causes of this disease is not clear and is not known,
And recent studies suggest several mechanisms, including:

- Motor and sensory disorders of the colon

- Functional disorders in the central nervous system cells

- Mental disorders

- Stress

- Pathogens in the colon of him


Diet: There is no standard diet for this disease, all
Patients get upset and affected by different types of foods, so he
To avoid these foods detected by personal experience.

Laxatives: use of high-fiber foods and medicines to combat the lubricant
Chronic constipation.

Anticonvulsants: used drugs for the treatment of pain spasm
(Colic), and preferably be given half an hour before eating to avoid
Convulsions before it happens.

Anti-diarrhea: used in the event of severe diarrhea, and is the variety
And the effect of all of my time

Anti-gas: used for flatulence, including coal and medical and

Antidepressants: gives the use of antidepressant medications per
High improvement of up to 89%, and should be used for periods of not less than
Sustained for two months.

God Ihvdkm from all evil
I wish you continued good health and wellness

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