Food and Skin Health

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Food and Skin Health

Food Safety

Skin preserves the body and everything inside of tissue from external influences and damage, it also reflects the state of the body and mental health and nutritional situation of weakness or disease and injury.

Since the skin mirror to reflect health, the bad and nutritional disorders that affect all members of the body, they affect the skin directly whether these disturbances old could go back to childhood or a recent result of diet Nutritional wrong. In this article we recall, for example, certain skin diseases affected by some food, and some kinds of food beneficial to the skin and health. that Alaratcara is one of the clearest examples of skin diseases caused by special types of food, Valaratcara skin disease that causes severe itching affects all ages and races, is the most important types of food caused by: canned food containing Food additives such as colored drinks, dairy products containing penicillin. As well as whites, nuts, fish, chocolate and nuts may induce Alaratcara, all because of the material above-mentioned active editor histamine from somatic cells and then lead to a Artcara and the accompanying sense of itching. As well as longer acne skin disease common in all countries of the world's most influential psychiatric patient regardless of age, sex, scientists believe that the food fats such as chocolate and butter, and soft drinks may increase the acne condition, which requires a reduction, others believe that the spices and condiments significantly increase acne. that the skin is defending the body against pathogens infectious foreign and prevent it from entering the body, including that the food is very important for the development of physical immunity, malnutrition hampers the skin's defense complex function to the fullest, thus facilitating infection infectious infectious skin diseases.
As well as to malnutrition or lack of water in children leads to skin dryness and lack of flexibility and resembles the skin of the Senate. And malnutrition among women may lead to hair loss requires a diet that contains all the elements of food and stay away from diets that rely on the wrong food item one.
Has caused some foods containing hormones to hair growth in women as a mustache and chin ... that the global trend in the present time due to all that is natural in nutrition, so that the natural foods contain elements and nutrients missing in processed foods and may be used here some food to take care of the skin. cucurbits that which includes all of the option, melons, pumpkins and squash all of which the high nutritional value.
Option contains vitamin A & C & B3 and also contains phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and sulfur and all of these materials is essential for the skin.
And watermelon contains vitamin B2 & B1 & A & C, phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium.
The squash and pumpkins Faihtoyan Vitamin C & A & B3 & & B9, as well as a large amount of vitamin E, which is one of the antioxidants, which delay aging of the skin.
The chard contains vitamin A & C and spinach contains vitamin B & C & A and protein approximately located in the milk, parsley is also a generating of blood and contains lots of vitamin A & C, iron and rare elements such as arsenic and copper.
As well as vegetable oils that can be used to moisturize dry hair and restore its luster, as used in moisturizing the scalp baby infected sebaceous dermatitis on the scalp, as it is placed on top of baby oil an hour before one of the bath and then easily remove the peels.

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