Targeting the blood-brain barrier to stop the development of Alzheimer's disease

A new study shows scientists Institutes of Health U.S. National Targeting blood-brain barrier
(BBB) prevents the accumulation of proteins (beta-amyloid) protein is the brain and mechanism of an Alzheimer's disease.

And Alzheimer's disease is a disease that can not be cured, which destroys memory and thinking abilities
And is the accumulation of proteins (beta-amyloid) of the brain where the most important signs
This destruction of the surface of nerve cells it leads to cognitive impairment and memory loss.

And scientists have discovered through their action on the testing of mice with Alzheimer's disease it is
Possible to reduce the accumulation of proteins (beta-amyloid) by targeting the brain
Brain receptor known as the (PXR).

And the scientists treated mice with Alzheimer's disease, vehicles Sterodip (steroid)
And which is active receptor (PXR) which has led to increase the blood-brain barrier protein
(P-glycoprotein) and transferring the proteins (beta-amyloid) outside the brain.

And scientists say that the results of tests showed many of the new discoveries, and found
Protein blood-brain barrier (P-glycoprotein) proteins transferred
(Beta-amyloid) Outside the brain also found that the levels of this protein less Balhail
The blood-brain people living with Alzheimer's and is what may be an early indicator of a
Alzheimer's disease before the onset of actual symptoms.

Scientists and adds that they need to conduct more research before the transfer tests of mice
Plants to humans, but the new study contributed to the discovery of a new target can be targeted for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

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