Do not know about the benefits of pistachios

Publié par happy-diet vendredi 7 mai 2010

Do not know about the benefits of pistachios

ما لا تعرفينه عن فوائد الفستق!!

1. Activates the brain and its functions to save and concentration, and memory and understanding, and performance calculations, and prevents forgetfulness and stimulates circulation in the brain will prevent the disease, strokes and strokes and blotting, and Parkinson's Albarkinsoni.

2. Peanuts generate energy for the body.

3. Activate blood circulation in the kidney, heartbreaking gravel and sand, increasing the size of the kidneys and help them to function.

4. Pull the gums and teeth.

5. Peanuts cause thirst.

6. Crust of an anti-vomiting by strengthening the nerves, muscle mouth of the stomach (LED Alvwadi), and prevents the pH of acidic and climb to the top, this climb, which causes diseases and attached in the throat.

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