Is piety stomach worms of allergies?

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Is piety stomach worms of allergies?

The infection spreads worms hookworms and helminths other in Vietnam, and this is the reason behind the lower rates of illnesses, asthma and other allergic, and scientists in Vietnam and Britain do research on some local children, which gave them drugs purify their bodies of worms, and as a result they develop symptoms of allergies related to dust and mites in the atmosphere, even though they did not suffer from the past.

Thanks to the spread hygiene has been to get rid of parasitic worms in humans in developed countries, however, scientists believe that the parasitic worms has also evolved and found ways to penetrate within the immune breadwinner, to find themselves a way of life within the human body.

This relationship between parasitic worms and the immune system in humans has become a solid, without those worms infected with the immune system disorder, lack of balance, leading to allergies and asthma.

The researchers further study were tested on the population of rural areas in the central region of Vietnam, where they found that one of every three children, there are two children, have parasitic worms and intestinal inside their bodies, and as a result, the incidence of allergy are rare among them, has been the experience of 1500 school children, who ranged in age from 6 to 17 years.

The use of tablets on a regular basis:

Scientists give some children tablets drug to clean the intestines of intestinal worms and parasitic diseases, and these drugs did not provide any decisive impact on the incidence of asthma or eczema, although these children who took the drive anti-worm stomach did not happen to have any increase in the incidence of allergy of all kinds, and about 80% of people suffer from asthma, and allergic adverse environmental factors.

And declares that scientists worms stomach parasite able to control the immune system in the human body and can reduce the response to disease sensitivity, and Dr. (Carsten Flor) from the University of Nottingham "The next step in research is a good understanding of time and place through which by parasitic worms programming the immune system within the human body, in a manner enabling it to protect it from allergies and will be pursued from the beginning of its inception, something essential to the inevitable. "

What hope for scientists behind this study:

Scientists hope that the result of this research development in medicinal therapies for allergic diseases are discovered antiviral drugs them, performs the same role played by those worms from control to rebalance the immune system within the human body so that the body an opportunity to avoid infection with these diseases, especially asthma.

Declares Dr. (Ellen Vickers), director of research at the Medical Association of asthma in the United Kingdom that "opportunities to make further studies in this area are of the work stimulating and that the presence of drugs leading to asthma and other allergic developed as a result of this research.

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