Experts scoff at the 10 common errors about skin care

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Experts scoff at the 10 common errors about skin care

Various methods to care for the health of skin and skin

Prevail in many of the public misconceptions about how to care for the skin, below the top 10 "myths are wrong," considered as a large segment of the established facts.

1 - shaving increase hair density: In this connection, says Dr.. Aryal Kovar, an assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Dermatology at the University of New York that that is not true at all. This is due thought to the woman while you remove unwanted hair by machine shave become parties to the hair sharp, suggesting that it has become more intense, but to suggest false does not happen when you are waxing, since hair follicles are removed completely, which inhibits the growth of Alcarklh At the same time, since each bulb at its special session on the parties not to mention the hair does not seem to be smaller thick.

2 - peeling skin, hair growth slows down: This is a wrong information, and confirms to d. Ronald Brankashiw, President of the New York Institute of the skin, which believes that the only way to slow the growth of hair is a drug Faneka Vaniqa. And used by women to reduce the growth of facial hair, where the drug works to prevent the enzyme responsible for the growth of hair follicles. Bernkashiw indicates the existence of several diseases, leading to temporary loss of hair, such as thyroid disease and hair loss disease static Altsaadi telogen effluvium.

3 - wrinkles form in the age of 25, but only appear later: The reason for the prevalence of such false information that some of the activities that were practiced before the age of 25 without effect on the skin are the same that cause the appearance of wrinkles if it were exercised after this age, such as exposure to radiation the sun for long periods, according to "Dr. Zo Drellos, MD dermatologist and researcher at the City of High Point High Point, North Carolina United States.

And d show. Drellos that consists of wrinkles due to loss of collagen, collagen, a structural protein essential in the skin, with age, the body produces less of that protein, which makes the skin more loose than it was in the early stages of life. And consists of more wrinkles in places of expression in the face and therefore constant exposure to the sun accelerates its appearance, and wrinkles were not there to show if it is not exposure to the sun.

4 - partial closure of the Ainyin does not lead to the appearance of wrinkles: this is wrong, because the wrinkles formed due to pressure from skin cells millions of times, and therefore partial closure of the eye or any other expression of the face contributes to the pressure of the skin cells, exactly the same pressure mechanisms such as smiling or frowning that lead to the appearance of wrinkles. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles using Botox Article Botox that is injected into the forehead and between the eyes, which paralyzes facial bites to prevent the tensions that lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

On the other hand, the possibility of the appearance of wrinkles as a result of rubbing the eyes very small, because the rubbing leads to inflammation or dry eye, but he does not leave permanent wrinkles. In this regard, "says Dr. Brankashiw. Rubbing does not cause the appearance of wrinkles, because in general people do not do so continuously.

5 - facial massage to the highest Bkremat moistened reduces the appearance of wrinkles: Here says Dr.. Zoe Drellos: "this is a myth because it can not determine the direction of the massage the appearance of wrinkles due to skin elasticity, which is due to its natural position regardless of the direction that has been stretched to him," she says: "Even if the massage lotions down every day, they would to the appearance of wrinkles, since it requires that massage is a specific area alone each time and this is very difficult. The only thing that leads to the appearance of wrinkles as a result of human intervention is to be tightening the skin for long periods such as when you sleep.

6 - with 8 cups of water per day increases the freshness of the skin: water intake helps to get healthy skin, but the amount of 8 glasses a bit much. Emphasizes d. Drellos that the exaggeration in the drinking water lead to flushing, pointing out that the dry skin caused by several factors other than not eating enough of the water, and recommend the use of moisturizers and mild soap to moisturize the skin.

D either. Ariel Kovar adds that the loss of water may harm the skin as that of collagen, which makes the skin taut pop in the gel Diabetes maintain the percentage of water in the skin, so the skin loses its hardness without water, and considers that the amount of water needed by the skin depends on the person's weight.

7 - Bath milk increases the freshness of the skin: helps milk to calm inflamed skin, such as the infection status of eczema. But can get the same result from products less expensive. Ariel Kovar says that there is additional benefit in the shower Balehib, pointing out that the shower oat flour has the same effect, the favorite choice on the first.

D indicates. Ronald Brankashiw that milk has other benefits as a moisturizer and Melinda at the same time. For example, it can be used in the form of compresses for the treatment of burns resulting from exposure to the sun It is also used in cases of skin rashes, and adds: "These compresses are very useful when they are placed around the eyes, I use it always with patients who suffer from infections in this region."

Can contribute to drink milk to get fresh skin when it is part of an integrated food system with emphasis on the foods that contain calcium and vitamin (d) perform the same purpose. And some initial studies indicate that the skimmed milk may help acne in males because of the hormones in the foods you eat cows, but has not been conclusively proven that this so far.

8 - dry brush massage eliminates "cellulite": In the view of Dr. Kovar not firmly established scientifically, noting that some women resort to means to make the skin thicker in order to conceal that you fatty, while the resort other to dissolve fat surface so it looks like you smaller, and some of them believed that massage the skin deeply several times a week improves skin appearance, This is true to some extent, provided attendance massage continuously.

On the efficacy of treatment, "cellulite" snake oil, answer d. Brankashiw: "Several types of oil snake causes inflammation of the skin Some interpret this as evidence of their effectiveness, even if the effectiveness of the temporary," adding: "Some types of products made by oil, lead to a swelling of the skin and this makes you fatty, less visible, but as soon as the disappearance of inflammation you back to the first set. "

9 - chocolate and fatty foods cause acne: Here emphasizes d. Kovar did not prove scientifically the existence of a relationship between certain types of foods and acne, pointing out that diets low in fat or low carbohydrates, has several benefits, but there's nothing useful to fully and unequivocally. So long as the diet Mtozan are not over-eating certain foods do not need to worry.

D say. Drellos: "vegetable oils can cause acne if in contact with the face directly, but eating it does not lead to the same result," she says d. Kovar that chocolate does not cause acne, referring to the wrong belief washing the face several times a day to prevent his appearance.

The real reason behind acne is the glands of sebaceous glands that secrete a fatty substance called sebum sebum helps to moisturize the skin and hair, acne appears when this sebum fills the pores of the skin. Therefore, attempts to get rid of acne should be focused on eliminating the accumulated sebum.

10 - Get on the color of bronze in an enclosed area to protect against sunburn: This is a fact, but must take several things into account. Fallon earned bronze in the center of cosmetic help to stay for longer periods without the sun burns, but this does not mean that it will avoid the damage completely.

Raised specialized centers in the bronze color to give much controversy recently after it announced that it improve the health of its customers because they are exposed to vitamin (d). "But any vitamins or diets rich in vitamin A (d) lead to the same result without the risk," says Dr.. Kovar

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