Treatment of refraction of the eye defects farsightedness - myopia - astigmatism


For 52 years, was being treated defects refractive eye by corneal scarification, which was the famous Russian surgeon (Fedorov), one of its guests.
In the early eighties Alaximrliser technology emerged that allowed the restructuring of the surface of the cornea very accurately.
The beginning was what is known as Photo Refractive Keratectomy PRK, which was done by removing surface cells of the cornea before the laser, and it was this technique is the most common until the early nineties, where it was developed to enter what is known as Laser Assisted Insitu Keratomileusis, which has caused a boom in the surgery disadvantages of refraction eye, where they were to avoid all the side effects of PRK in terms of not feeling pain after the operation and rapid improvement of the consideration of the next day and treat a larger proportion of degrees of myopia ... Etc., is the lifting of the thin layer of corneal tissue (about 051 microns) and a laser and then back again.
On this subject, here is this meeting (by the Nation magazine Clinic) with Dr. Mohammed Wajihuddin consultant eye surgeon at a hospital in Dar al-Shifa new.

- What disadvantages of refraction of the eye?

Myopia Myopia: occurs when light rays converge before the retina, rather than falling on the retina, which are far-sighted of the patient is not clear

Hyperopia Hyperopia: occurs when the rays converge after the network, rather than falling on the retina, where visibility is near and possibly far not clear

Astigmatism (astigmatism) Astigmatism: occurs when light rays converge in more than one point rather than falls at one point on the retina

How does the laser beam?

The laser beam restructuring of the surface of the cornea as follows:

- In the short-sightedness is treated by making the central part of the cornea flatter by scraping a certain degree of the central part of the cornea
- The length of treatment is making the central part of the cornea more Thdba by scraping a certain degree of peripheral or outer part of the cornea
- In astigmatism is treated to make the cornea more spherical by removing layers of the cornea in one part more than the other part

Who is the ideal patient for LASIK? Laser-In-Situ Keratectomy (LASIK)

Is the learning to your eyes for LASIK or not, it must do some tests that determine accurately the state of the eye such as the form and degree of curvature of the cornea, the thickness of the cornea, pupil diameter, the degree of restriction or farsightedness and astigmatism ... Etc., as well as the stability of consideration for a period of not less than 12 months to ensure the accuracy of the results after the operation, which is usually after the age of 18 years.

What your expectations after the operation?

This may be very important if it is not important at all, you are the first and last decision on a process of LASIK, and therefore must be expectations after the operation a logical and realistic because they are usually derived from the result of testing and information that are made before the operation.
The fundamental goal of LASIK is freedom from the shackles of glasses and contact lenses as much as possible, and therefore large proportion of patients have access to the attention of 20/20 or better 15/20 Super Vision, but there are other rate also does not have access to such impressive results, but will improve their significantly allowing them a significant change in their lives, because of the difference and contrast between the state and the other terms of degree of visual age of the patient and the results of tests and the response of the laser corneal tissue .. Etc. of the factors that significantly affect the results of the process.

What side effects of LASIK?

Indeed the process of LASIK are considered more operations safe eye surgery and what happens after the operation is what we call symptoms of visual temporary differ in degree and duration of the patient to another and the best known is flash or glare that occurs at night when you look at some of the dazzling lights such as red, yellow and orange as improve the clarity of the picture gradually, as well as dry eye in the period ranging from two to four months after the operation.

When the patient can exercise his natural life after LASIK?

The patient can go out and driving and watching television on the day immediately following the procedure, and it can exercise and light walking, jogging and return to work during the first week of the operation, but it must be some caution and to follow a few instructions for a short period such as not touching or rubbing the eye, do not enter water of the eye, not to be subjected to smoke or smoke and the heat of the sun and the odors and not putting the solution in the eye (for women) in addition to the need to meet the deadlines for periodic review, which are usually during the first day and then the first week, and when the first month and third if necessary.

What's new in laser surgery?

For the operations of the laser, we are entering a new era and it is used Alfoto seconds for the work of a thin layer prior to the LASIK Intralase as there are now new technologies for the use of LASIK to correct distance and reading Presbyopic Lasik, but is currently under development as there are other techniques such as Alapilizk Epilasik and Allazk Lasek which aims both to develop and update the results and access to the highest level of visual separately

Are there other ways to correct nearsightedness in patients who have LASIK works for them?

Of the main conditions for the conduct of LASIK is a surface of the cornea regular and the thickness of the cornea is sufficient for abrasion in the absence of these conditions are not in favor of a LASIK but may be surgery to implant the lens inside the eye to correct the degrees of myopia or high in cases of weak surface of the cornea.

What types of lenses that are grown inside the eye and results?

There are numerous types of these lenses, which are installed inside the angle of the Treasury front of the eye Nuvita - Phakic 6, including what is installed Bakzhip eye Iris Fixed - Verysyse, including what is grown over the lens of the eye original ICL is common to all these species in it is safe and gives excellent results is also characterized by LASIK for the possibility of removal at any time.

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