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saffron bud

Bulbous plant of the species gladioli, and active part in the saffron and called the members of the vaccination (features) and tend the flowers in blossom, and dried in the shade and then on the high or minutes on low heat. This article is the color red and orange with a pungent smell and taste is distinctive, and kept in time for a court order not to lose their value as precious.

Active substances:

Contain members of the vaccination (features) on the greasy oil pilot with the smell of aromatic materials and color.

Medicinal properties:

Saffron oil, anti-pain and cramps, and de-menstrual pain and pain of gum membrane.

House and a tonic for the central nervous system, as it is useful for cases of sexual impotence.

Saffron is a spice used in the processing of foods.

Saffron has the characteristics of preventive anti-cancer

In the latest study published in the journal "Medicine and Experimental Biology" niche, has proved to researchers in Mexico that can be used saffron, a type of plants that are added to food as a seasoning and spices to give flavor, as a proof of cancer or treatment program devoted to this disease. The researchers found after reviewing a wide range of laboratory studies and research conducted on animals, that saffron is not only prevents new tumors, but may cause the shrinking existing tumors, and chemotherapy more effective, and encourages anti-cancer effects.

The researchers explained that the health benefits of saffron may be due in part to the high content of compounds known Balkorotenwid which also include the subjects of "lycopene" and "carotene" factors and prevention and treatment of cancer.

Experts pointed out that the cultivation of saffron and harvest process very difficult, therefore, limited and expensive sources, noting that this study adds new evidence that some foods, spices, contains compounds that have protective properties against cancer. For example, animal studies have shown that the plant "Rosemary" protect against breast cancer, and turmeric protects against certain types of tumors. The studies suggest that too much intake of fruits and vegetables, especially from the family bulbous, such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, may help in the prevention of certain cancers.

And extracts of saffron flower of a small reserve in the heart of threads saffron is extracted accurately and by people with experience art in the capture, collection, cultivation of saffron plants responsible grown physically and artistically and technically becomes the price is expensive, especially species luxury of it and that is cultivated in Iran, where that access to 500 grams of it requires no cultivation for Iq 70.000 flower must all be true and valid, and saffron are saluting the fresh dried lose a lot of weight Valkhmsp Twenty kg after drying it becomes about five kilograms only.

The benefit of saffron

Modern medicine does not recognize that saffron stimulus sex and what was thought old is not properly considered saffron antispasmodic great pleasure to the heart of the drink, an alarm of the stomach, severe effect of the intestines and nerves, tonic-bearing flow, and saffron enter into some drugs used to stimulate the heart and some types of Kohl Assistant to remove the mist from the eye.

Use saffron since ancient times in the treatment of many diseases such as gastroenteritis, and Kmahdo for stomach disorders and to treat whooping cough and colds and the mitigation of greenhouse stomach as well as in treatments of religious as writing veins and Quranic verses ink of saffron and rose water earners benefit and healing, God willing.

Enter the saffron in the modern pharmaceutical industry such as those used to expel intestinal worms and sedative drugs for neurological and psychiatric cases, drugs used to activate the urinary excretion and many other medicines.

Saffron is fraud because of the high price of a similar infusion of mixing to increase the weight, such as safflower has similar color in the speed of melting water and sold as saffron correctly.

Research confirms that many eat saffron Tnom cracked head and the senses so we recommend not doing it too much for one gram of saffron is therefore a need for the original Hundred Flowers For half a kilo of the same class needs 225 thousand flower of the saffron flower, so the price was high.

Finest saffron-haired red hair on the outskirts of Lech yellowish color prefer soft Hassan Intelligent smell thick hair which is in the limbs, Sepah blank.

Chemical analysis showed that saffron contains a substance called (for the worst, (the taste of sweet and this article tonic for the nerves and reviving stimulant and helps to generate menopause for women.

Boil one gram of saffron in a liter of water and drink it after cooling is a drink of cold and stimulant for the nerves.

Ibn Sina says:

Saffron: essence: well known.

Choice: good soft tooth color smart hair smell on a few non-whites many reconfigured Copyright: The temperature is hot and dry in the second and the Ibusth In the first.

Actions and properties: Clutch Mndj analyst for the arrest of the seductive and moderate temperature clearer Galen said: The temperature is stronger than the possession and heated fat.

Alkhozi said: It does not change at all confused, but keeps the dryness and fit in the molding and strengthens the intestines.

Ornamental: Enhanced color drink.

Tumors and warts: Analyst tumors and painted it red.

Members of the head: the head and broken the detriment of the drink Balmibouktj a hypnotic dark veil of the senses if watering in the drink to get drunk and Ergn benefit of the tumor in the ear warm.

Members of the eye: Galloway sight and prevent chaos and to benefit from the blur and by the bed of the bluest acquired diseases.

Members of the Chest: the heart of the delightful tonic sniff Alambsm His Alcosp of sleep, especially fat and easy to self-defense, strengthens the self-machines.

Members of the food: It is nasty fall that desire Bamadadth acidity in the stomach and the desire, but it strengthens the stomach and liver, because it is heat and tanning, and the arrest and said the people: The saffron is good for the spleen.

Members Alinvd: Beh irritated and produces urine and benefit from the strength of the uterus and joining and sores for malicious use it if Bmom yolk or oil, and weakness with some of them claimed that he gave him to drink in the open ridge was born in time.

Poison: It is reported that three of the weight of it kills Baltvrih.

Substitution: a prosthetic such as weight and a quarter of a premium weight scales Sulaikp.

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