Congenital cleft lip or cleft lip cleft lip cleft lip

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Congenital cleft lip or cleft lip cleft lip cleft lip

Illustration -  Before Cleft Lip Repair

Malformation is caused affects the upper lip of a child for many reasons. The previously been called isolated cleft lip-like lip of any rabbit, and be part of multiple forms has been accompanied by an incision in the soft palate or palate, or malformations of the face, nose, or be alone. And encompasses all or one of the components of the lip

Components of the lip or notch

1 - lip muscles
2 - skin
3 - internal mucous membrane mucus mem.
4 - Red mucosa dry red mucusa the outer lip
5 - the bones of the jaw-pri maxilla

Types of congenital cleft lip

1 - mono track which is a single incision in the upper lip on one side of the arc of love (which represents the center of the upper lip-cubid bow) or in the middle.
2 - Dual incision is a Hqiin in the upper lip symmetrical Mtaatsaoyen in length or other piece.
3 - complete unilateral cleft lip include the part where the base of the nose as well.
4 - incomplete unilateral cleft lip does not include the part where the base of the nose.
5 - cleft lip bilateral complete or incomplete as in unilateralism.

The rate of deformities harelip whether associated with this injury also deforms the palate, or lack thereof to approximately one per 750 live births, when compared to those who are vulnerable to these distortions between males and females, we find that the injury of male disfigured lip whether it was injury defects palate or not up to vulnerability for females. As for the palate deformities, we find that the injury to females palate deformities just hit also doubled for males, but not be linked to a casualty disfigured lip.

If the definition of distortion, which affects the lip

Harelip clet lip: a separation in the upper lip appears Kvthat or gaps on the outer surface of the lip itself. This separation often extends up to the upper gum or beyond the nasal bones, including his upper jaw.

Cleft palate cleft palate: is a split in the roof of the mouth. This split might affect both the hard palate, hard palate (the front part of a bone from the roof of the mouth), or soft palate, soft palate

What are the reasons for this distortion?

Still causes of lip and palate deformities in most situations unknown until now. It also can not interfere in any way to prevent medical injury during the stages of pregnancy.

1 - Genetic: Most scientists believe that the causes of injury due to a range of genetic and environmental factors. Therefore, the risk of these distortions are larger when the newborns in families which had suffered one of its members by
2 - Pharmaceuticals: addressing the mother during pregnancy, some types of drugs that may have some side effects on the fetus. Among these epilepsy drugs drugs, some heart medications, drugs to treat acne, which contains the - Accutane, or steroids cortisones
3 - different diseases: infection may occur as a result of exposure of the mother during the stages of growth of the fetus inside her womb for viruses. For example, both German measles, influenza and other diseases.

4 - lack of nutrition: the holder of many important nutrients such as vitamins, and minerals necessary.
For example, folic acid folk Lion
Of the vitamins necessary for building and docking of the lip in the first weeks of the child is inside the womb

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