Health problems associated with deformities lip and palate

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Health problems associated with deformities lip and palate

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Central Aalazn infections and hearing: The result of the proximity of channel Oistaki
Connecting the throat and the ear of the defect and the failure of the muscles surrounding it, many of these children have a repeat of the middle ear infections which may cause hearing impairment.

Because they are more likely than others to the accumulation of liquid food in the middle ear. Can lead to severe ear infections hearing loss if left untreated. And to prevent a situation from becoming worse is placed certain valves in the middle ear of the child victim to help him exchange liquid substances,

Breastfeeding: The result of the presence of the incision or separation in the lip or palate, the food and liquids move from behind the mouth to the nose. And fortunately, there are bottles designed to help the child with lowered liquid from the mouth to the stomach directly. May need children with deformed palate to the use of artificial palate to help them eat

Pronunciation: may face children with cleft lip and palate deformities are also some trouble in the ability to speak properly. Where the exits are Hrovhm nasal and difficult to understand what they say. The problem is not experienced by all children with congenital cleft lip or palate, and surgical intervention contributes to radically solve the problem in some patients. The best to consult a specialist speech

Psychological problems: distort the lip may lead to psychological trauma, and also to the parents of the child when entering kindergarten or school, the spectrum of the large number of commentary by colleagues. Some cases need to consult a psychiatrist for the children.
Infected, and also to distortions of the situation, such as nasal deformities, which reflected negatively on the patient's need for an experienced beauty specialist to remove these distortions during the first operation or later, and by the amount of distortion.

Problems affecting the teeth: such as tooth decay or warp the teeth, especially in the large distortions that affect the jaw. The need for specialist medicine and orthodontics.

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