Hyperthyroidism - increased secretion of the hormone Ierwid Hyperthyroidism
The increased secretion of thyroid clinically increase in the amount of hormone Ierwid Thyroid hormone blood circulation. Observed increase in metabolism (the process of construction and demolition in the tissue). Accompanying this kind of increase in the hormone inflation in the size of the thyroid gland Goiter. The reasons for this inflation to:


The presence of a foreign body catalyst for Terwid Thyroid like you get with disease Krafess or disease Greve or Jrvz Graves disease, a disorder in the mechanism of resistance in the body (immune) autoimmun, and because some of the bacteria, intestinal, such as bacteria, or E. coli E. Coli has a membrane similar to the outer casing for the future of hormone Stimulus Terwid Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and abbreviated TSH, who shall body first attack bacteria by T-cells T-Cells which immune cells, and then act in the body with any other cell to tolerate this type of receptors as a foreign body, thereby attacking the T-cell receptors, the TSH on the basis that foreign objects, and produces antibiotics have Anti-TSH receptor antibodies, which enter the cells seine Thyroid follicular cells leading to the secretion of Ierwid in large quantities. Can be diagnosed and antibiotics in the blood of infected bird Krafess Graves disease. This disease is affecting the eye where it notes Jehoz exophthamos in the eyes when infected with the disease.

As a result of a number of small toxic glands within the thyroid gland, these glands secrete the hormone Ierwid Thyroid hormone cells through cystic follicular cells in the lining of these glands toxic, most patients with this type of women who are over fifty years.

Production of large quantities of the hormone catalyst for Terwid TSH, and this type is rare.

Effects of increased secretion of the hormone Ierwid


Temperature increase

Increased blood pressure

Palpitations and increase the number of heart beats

Weight loss with increased appetite

Diarrhea and increased movement of the digestive system

Loss of muscle mass


Change in personal

Influence the growth

Discomfort and insomnia

Reduces the work of the ovary in women, and may lead to impotence in men

Lightness of the hair and the strength of the nails with a gloss of the skin

Related to iodine goitre

There are a lot of iodine in the thyroid gland, which could reach inside to the rate of twenty-five times the rest of the body tissues. A shortage of iodine deficiency in the amount of hormone Ierwid productive and result in the shortage to stimulate the pituitary gland, pituitary gland secretion of the hormone catalyst for Terwid TSH, which leads to goitre, and increased blood supply to it by increasing the blood vessels, which leads to increased production of Ierwid hormone.
And the effect of iodine is complex and depends on the quantity of iodine given the status of the thyroid gland. Can be avoided goiter by eating iodized salt, and by eating fish that contains the meat good amounts of iodine necessary for the body and absorbed by the body easily.

Treatment of goitre:

Treatment is aimed at reducing the manufacture or reduce the secretion of the hormone overtime, and this is done by:


Removal of part or all of the thyroid: This is done by surgery or by destroying the thyroid by radioactive iodine, I131, which is characterized as an assembly in the cells of the thyroid gland Cyst Thyroid follicular cells.

Surgery: It is possible to remove part or all of the thyroid gland by surgery, but there is always a risk that affect the process the sound through their effects on the vocal chords, the fact that this gland is located near the vocal chords. In the surgery the surgeon to keep the 8 / 1 of the gland, and this part is sufficient to produce Ierwid Thyroid necessary for the body. They are usually resort to surgery for the following reasons:

Lack of response to treatment by the patient

There were no objection to expose the patient to radiation therapy

Treatment by radioactive iodine I 131: and use of radioactive iodine I 131 in treatment and diagnosis, where the gathering of iodine in the thyroid gland, and radiates (shooting beta rays) that penetrate the 0.5 mm only in the fabric of the thyroid gland, which provides effective therapeutic gland just below impact on nearby tissues, such as El Para Terwid Parathyroid. In addition, the I 131 radiates some of the gamma rays, which have increased susceptibility to penetration. The half-life of radioactive iodine I 131 is 8 days. And use of radioactive iodine I 131 in the treatment of enlarged thyroid for all ages, and is considered as adjunctive therapy with surgery in the case of thyroid cancer. And during treatment with radioactive iodine I 131 should be taking a large dose of salts, like sodium or potassium iodate to help improve the process of disposal and remove iodine from the body. There is a possibility to get from 60-10% of patients treated with radioactive iodine I 131 the lack of secretion Ierwid Hypothyroid, because of the inability of thyroid cells to divide again, leading to a lack of Ierwid injury, which requires patient treatment in this case the lack of treatments Ierwid Hypothyroid treatment.

Prevent the manufacture hormone Ierwid Inhibition of thyroid hormone synthesis and that through one of the following medicines:


Althaiwamidz Thioamides

Propyl Tiuyorassel Propylthiouracil

Methymasul Methimazole

Carpimasul Carbimazole

These medicines are to gather in the thyroid gland, and prevent the manufacture of some important materials that go into manufacturing Ierwid Thyroid. Does not show the effects of fast for this type of treatment, because he does not affect the stock Ierwid, and shows the impact of this type of treatment at the end of Ierwid amount in the body.


Propranolol Propranolol (beta blockers): used for quick removal of the symptoms of the disease due to increased bad Ierwid, may be used as adjunctive therapy with other types of treatment.

Survey hormone Blockade of hormone Release: type currently underused, and depends on the given iodine dose to the patient as described, which are blocking release of a substance important hormone which in turn cut the hormone.

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