Glands under the tongue sublingual gland

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Glands under the tongue sublingual gland

Longitudinal shape, smaller size salivary glands, located below the base of the mucus of the mouth.

Alveoli containing serum and many of the mucous alveoli.

Located within a gap in the lower jaw bone.

It is located among a group of members are:

• from the top of the membrane Tlaii base highlights the problem with oral bulge.
• from the lower jaw muscle Lamaism.
• Imam gland under the tongue from the other side.
• the back of the deep part of the gland under the jaw.

Asartha excreted in the channels under the tongue, the number of the 8-20 channel, opens in the mouth, on top of the bulge under the verbal, but some may open in the channel under the jaw.

Irrigates blood from branches of the lingual and facial arteries, and veins accompany the arteries and carry the same names.

Then start from the fiber counterpart friendly mobility - secretory offshoot of cranial nerve VII.

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