Facts and tips for computer geeks.

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Facts and tips for computer geeks.

If you are sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours, you inevitably

Complain of eye strain or drought in the eye

Which may make you suffer from one of these symptoms:

1. Pain and fatigue in the eye with itching and dryness.

2. Blurred or blurry vision.

3. Weakness of the things away after a long focus on the computer screen

4. Headache or pain in the neck muscles.

5. It difficult to focus when you consider the movement between the computer and papers

Or printed documents.

6. An increased sensitivity to light.

Therefore, you should follow the following:

1. Give your eyes time to rest and look away from the computer screen

For ten seconds every ten minutes.

2. Dry eye results from stare for a long time without closing some

People do not turn a blind eye every minute, while peremptory

Natural that every five seconds. Valtgmid working to dampen the eye and prevent dehydration

3. Position of the screen is important to prevent eye strain, you must remove the screen

Eye for a distance of 60-80 cm. If the characters

Writing seems a small dimension so you can resize the character as you wish.

4. Make-up screen in the level of your eyes in terms of height

Because her high strain neck muscles.

5. Dust on the screen reduces visibility and distracting.

To doing on the computer screen clean.

6. See a doctor when they complain of prolonged stress or with

Double vision or double vision.

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