Ice therapy

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Ice therapy

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- In cases of back pain effect of ice massage fast, simple and finds the patient from pain and severe back pain the most important.

- Even in the developed world to use ice to get quick results in getting rid of severe pain, especially when the snow with the use of drugs and under the auspices of technicians specialized in physiotherapy.

- Most back pain resulting from the misuse of back and muscle strain that would cause the side of the spine, a back that you assess and maintain the existing status of the body.

And without injury, these muscles become inflamed and result in reduced pain and stiffness in the spine.

One of the main causes of stress, back muscles

1 - sudden movement.

2 - Fall Mphajii or a strong jolt of the stump.
3 - carry significant weight with the use of back muscles.
4 - sports injuries.

Despite the fact that these injuries seem simple but the response of the back muscles of these minor injuries are inflated more than we expect because of the sensitivity of the muscle and nerve, and frequent feeding vessels.

Therefore, the response is very severe pain and is the most common reasons to visit the rooms Tawari medical.

In case this topic does not have a lot to treat these muscles stressful but rest for two days and took pain relievers and the use of ice or with heating.

How to get rid of the pain by using ice

- Ice helps get rid of the inflammation and swelling of the place of injury, and therefore get rid of pain.

- Snow causes paresthesia of the affected tissue and this is the subject of anesthetic injury.
- Ice helps to reduce the speed of the nerves in the transfer of a sense of pain, it breaks down the pain cycle.
- Ice helps to reduce Almitapoleezzm and thus helps to reduce the heat produced, which increase the degree of infection in the muscles.

- The snow is very useful in the first period of time immediately after the injury because the snow is causing the contraction of blood vessels and after removing the ice expands blood vessels and are washed infected tissue and the absence of remnants of chemical injury and is not to feed the muscle as a prisoner and sugar.

- As is known, with all treatments there will be cases where snow harmful, including:

1 - Do not put ice directly on the skin or places the emergence of bone.
2 - should not exceed the period of treatment more than fifteen minutes for a time and can be re-treatment three times a day.
3 - You should not use ice in cases of rheumatoid arthritis or acquired Rinaudz or allergies to cold or suits, paralysis or numbness of the parties for any reason.

How to use ice for the treatment of back pain

Although the development of ice on the affected muscles will help, a massage is reportedly much snow by the results of studies.

A massage on the back of Snow

- Use regular ice cubes are adequate but the use of large pieces to be the best work these pieces to freeze water in small bowl and then used to massage the painful positions.

Useful to someone else, but the process of massage and massage the patient's back is difficult and irrelevant.

How to use the snow
- Massage is put ice on the painful position and starts moving the snow in a circular motion.

- Must be focused on the massage only the selected position.
- Must stay away from bony protrusions of the spine.
- You must specify the time period of treatment with ice for a period of not more than five minutes for a period of one to avoid burning ice.

In general

Do not put ice directly on the skin to avoid skin burns and snow, but with the movement of ice and massage is exceeded this topic complications.

As you must know that the key to success treatment snow is reaching the stage of numbness painful area without additional burning, and as soon as the stage of numbness should start the movement gentle massage and simple for this region until the end of the case Altnml after the start of the second round of snow to get to the stage of numbness and so on. In this way we get two or three.

If you can not use ice massage can be learned from the placement of ice put injury for fifteen to twenty minutes, provided a barrier between the skin and the snow to avoid burning the skin.

- There are lots of bags of ice business that can be exploited for this purpose.

- Ice packs should be placed in rolls of cloth, some people and adding water until the form is unacceptable and to avoid the sides edged ice bags, especially in the home.
- Can work rolls of cloth and Chabieha water and put a plastic bag and place the freezer.
- In case of emergency and that the missing bags of ice bags may be used frozen food on the subject of pain and massage after a wrapped piece of cloth.

Must be wary of the use of ice more than the specified period, should be put bags of ice and sleep by

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