Studies and research confirm damage to use the mouse frequently

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Studies and research confirm damage to use the mouse frequently


Study warned that modern medical excessive use of the computer mouse "mouse" continuously, which leads to personal injury, infections, nerve in the hand and wrist, causing pain in that area bear to wake up more than once at night to become this obsession Mwrka keeps him in the end for work and livelihood.
The official site of the channel "Al Jazeera", the study - which co-developed by a team of doctors Czech specialists in several areas, including treatment of neurological diseases - indicated that most patients who have reviewed their clinic, They use computer on a daily basis and for long hours up to ten hours, complained of severe pain in the hand area extends from the hand to the wrist in some cases even the shoulder and neck and back.

Dr. Professor Ooldergej famous towers in Prague, and the shareholder in this study, these conditions very similar to those affecting the tennis players and the miners and women who work with sewing needles and Itaamln for long hours.

The Rebgun, that this was limited to those ancient Today, computer users and Alambaghein in the use of mouse "mouse", are prone to infection nerve in the hand, wrist and even the shoulders and neck.

He said they do not believe doctors when they say to them that the reason is the excessive use of mouse and write on the computer and re-examining a doctor only in cases of pain no late difficult to treat quickly, resulting in removal from the use of computer for long periods.

Dr. towers are advised computer users to practice some preventive exercise for the hands and forearms, wrists, neck, shoulders and back from time to time, especially after long-term use of Kamiiotr and Idlkua hands several times during the working period.

He also advised them choose the appropriate furniture and comfortable seating in front of the condition of the computer and take frequent breaks from time to time and to avoid as much as possible to continue to watch each other without paying attention to the status of work of the hand and the situation of sitting.

The towers, that staff and users of the computer for more than two-thirds of the work are more susceptible to these neurological diseases in the hand and wrist, and the people who work all day and use the mouse half of the time and the other half of writing, are at risk at the top of the wrist to the shoulder and neck.

For example, users of the mouse for more than thirty hours per week are injured arm pain about eight times and doubled to suffer from moderate to severe pain in the neck and increase their risk of pain in the right shoulder three times higher.

It can be said after the inspections and control of many cases, the users of the computer mouse and for a period of twenty-five hours a week they show pain in the neck and right shoulder after only five hours of returning to work.

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