No excuses for lack of exercise!

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No excuses for lack of exercise!

Mention here some of the most obstacles that may prevent us from exercising any form of sport and solutions to them:

I do not have time to exercise for 30 minutes a day.

- Solution: Try to distribute these minutes throughout the day, ten minutes in the morning and ten after eating rice for lunch and ten minutes before going to sleep.

Can not do sport for my tired after work.

- Solution: Try to make your day full of movement, such as using stairs instead of elevators, and trying to housewives as well as help with household chores.

I do not have special clothing in sports.

- The solution: all that is suitable for a comfortable exercise clothes and shoes and socks.

I'm ashamed to exercise with a group.

- Solution: It is not necessarily exercise with a group you can exercise at home or through the use of television sports programs.

I am afraid that it really hurts my muscles.

- Solution: It is important when the gradient of exercise and do exercises to create muscle before and after exercise over the exercise of heating and cooling to help relax muscles and relieve pain.

I am afraid of being subjected to low blood sugar.

Solution: If you have diabetes you must first be tested sugar before exercise, the analysis of sugar was equal to or less than 120 mg That signal the need to snack like a piece of bread, cheese.

Feel the pain of the knees and joints when you walk or exercise.

Solution: There are several options Swimming and move the muscles of the Parties during the sitting will not cause joint pain.

It is very hot outside, or there are public places to exercise.

Solution: Try walking in the indoor form of complexes, schools and commercial premises in addition to the presence of certain streets for walking.

The cases of the material does not allow me to participate athletic club, or even buying the equipment on sport.

Solution: There are different types of sports that do not require devices such as walking, and you can also use household tools to replace the weights.

Sports made me feel bored.

Solution: First you must choose a sport in which to enjoy it maintains such as football, for example, it is also possible that you are playing sports in an atmosphere of fun, like watching television while walking or listening to music you loved.

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