A new technique to avoid chemotherapy

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A new technique to avoid chemotherapy


Doctors often use intensive chemotherapy to destroy bone marrow of patients to make room for the cells given.
But the drugs can be toxic to liver and harmful to the lungs and intestines in addition to long-term side effects such as infertility, which is stronger than necessary so that covered some patients suffer most.
The new technology - developed in Britain and used on some of the cases in Great Ormond Street Hospital, London - are based on attacking the bone marrow cells without affecting surrounding tissue.
Doctors have treated children anti-body (it is a type of protein formed when the body recognizes the disease) is defined on the blood and bone marrow cells attack directly.
And use the treatment on 16 children with a fatal genetic disorder affecting the immune system they have, 13 of whom are still alive.
The researchers hope the hospital in question and the Institute of Child Health of the University College to be able one day to use new technology to other similar situations, and even beyond to leukemia (leukemia), a type of cancer of blood cells.
In addition to the technology reduces the need for intensive chemotherapy, the patients also recovered in half the time it took those subjected to treatment standard.
As well as the children did not suffer damage in any other member associated with chemotherapy.
The Chairman of the research team that the results of treatment were amazing. He said: "Because this approach was experimental, it has economized on the use of a disease that most children who have felt they could not afford to standard chemotherapy. And is encouraged that all children who have lived are now enjoying a good life."
"The road is long and the challenge now is to develop ways to target similar to children with genetic diseases and leukemia."
He also said that the treatment of leukemia may require antibodies are stronger than those used in this experiment.
And the research team that this approach can help to improve rates of survival after bone marrow donations.
It is noteworthy that about fifty children of these cases are subject to genetic crops bone marrow in the UK every year there are seven thousand more people have developed leukemia.

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