Is enamel teeth healthy? Tips for healthier teeth and beautiful

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Is enamel teeth healthy? Tips for healthier teeth and beautiful

Although the tooth enamel, material and thin limestone covering the strong teeth are the most solid, but they are not out of danger. In fact, some foods and beverages that seem useful and not dangerous to us as well as bad habits can damage the enamel and destroy it.
Signs of tooth decay, and healthy ways to promote healthy dental enamel.

Dental technology has advanced a lot recently, the development of whitening treatment effective means to repair damaged teeth. But this does not mean that leave your teeth without the care and cleaning regularly. Daily cleaning with toothpaste and floss can provide protection and strength to your teeth, but there are other factors that can cause damage to your teeth, including:

Factors that damage the tooth enamel:
One of the most common causes of the erosion of the enamel is acid. Your mouth can be a highly acidic environment when you drink or eat acidic foods. Under the terms of a healthy and normal, the slightly alkaline saliva does not constitute a threat to the enamel. When consumed soft drinks regularly, and fruit juices, and salad dressings which is based on vinegar, and Almakhlalat and other acidic substances, breaking down to neutralize the acidity in the saliva and increases the risk of erosion of enamel.

Sticky sweet foods are also harmful - they stick to your teeth (until the next cleaning) and thus to prevent the saliva to neutralize the acidity Pace Last sugars in the food unstuck.

Include other causes of erosion of enamel habits cleaning bad gastric reflux esophageal (carrots acid) and bulimia nervosa / vomiting compulsory (which puts teeth repeatedly in the face of gastric acid highly corrosive and can insult down essential nutrients that can affect the health of teeth.)

Indicators of dental erosion:

Covering the enamel of each tooth of the teeth. Because the enamel can begin to fade in the early stages without showing any symptoms are important, your teeth must be monitored regularly, and most importantly, to maintain regular visits to your dentist.

• sensitive teeth: increased sensitivity, whether while continuing erosion.
• yellowing of the teeth: enamel erosion article presents the lower age, which has remained yellow.
• Transparency Age: increasing the transparency of teeth at the edges.
• edges of the round: This is a preliminary indication of the erosion of age.
• cracks or fractures in teeth - the reference of advanced corrosion; must visit a doctor immediately.
• Caries: tooth decay or cavities can be formed at the sites that went down the intensity of enamel.

Tips to prevent the erosion of tooth enamel:
1. Use the brush and floss regularly.
2. Visit the doctor regularly for examination and cleaning of deep teeth.
3. Stay away from carbonated beverages, alcohol and sugar.
4. Reduce acidic foods and starchy and sugary.

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