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more than two billion people complain of lack of iron and 50% are suffering from poverty in the blood

Rate in the Arab region more than 60% of women and children most vulnerable to infection
More than two billion people complain of lack of iron and 50% of them suffer from poverty in the blood!

Anemia is a condition in a lack of size or number of red blood cells or shortage in the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, are dietary factors of the main reasons that lead to anemia, primarily iron deficiency, protein and vitamin B12 (cobalamine) and folic acid B9 and Alberodquisin, vitamin C and copper, and is called anemia diet.

Iron deficiency and anemia

Of the first causes of anemia, most prevalent in all strata of society is the lack of iron, and statistics show that the World Health Organization in 1991 that more than two billion people complain of lack of iron, and one billion of them suffer from anemia as a result, symptoms mild enough that it could suffer them for years without knowing it, and include fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, and the proportion of iron deficiency in the Arab region more than sixty percent (according to World Health Organization reports), and the most vulnerable are: pregnant women (50%) and infants (48%) and women of childbearing age (35%).

Risk of anemia

The risk of anemia on human health, a large, you may experience the life of a pregnant woman at risk during childbirth, it increases the rate of premature deliveries, and the sharper the anemia, the percentage of growth retardation and the risk of death after childbirth, and children then he should delay anemia, brain growth and development of physical capacity and mental health, while affecting the rights of its ability to work and focus and has more than fatigue, headache, pale skin and up to stress and rotor performance of a simple and possibly fainting.

Anemia resulting from several factors, including:

1. Blood loss greater than the body can naturally compensate, often Mathdt this case, when women with long menstrual periods, and in that case, you must follow up with a doctor who specializes in diseases of women to obtain appropriate treatment.

2. Chronic blood loss, such as a bleeding from chronic peptic ulcer, or hemorrhoids, or the presence of parasites, or malignant disease.

3. Incidence of certain diseases or disorders that may lead to poor absorption of vitamin B12, such as gastritis, Crohn's disease Crohn's disease and some diseases of the digestive system.

4. The lack of eating foods that contain iron, or a bug in the process of absorption.

5. The increased needs of the body, as happens in cases of growth and puberty, pregnancy and lactation.

Images of iron in food

Iron exists in food in the form of two forms:

- Iron HEMI Heme Iron: and found in animal foods such as red meats, fish and liver. The human body can absorb 20% of the iron from animal sources HEMI.

- Steel HEMI Non Heme Iron: and resides in plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes, and the human body absorbs 50-10% of the non-HEMI iron from plant sources. Therefore, we find that vegetarians suffer anemia If you do not eat a sufficient quantity and appropriate vegetables and fruits.

Iron supplementation of food

Addresses many of the people's dietary supplements that contain iron when they feel tired, but it would be better analysis of the proportion of iron in the blood first before taking these supplements, as they accumulate in the case of increased needs, and may cause heart disease, the elderly, so Each person over the age of (50) years should not deal with dietary supplements that contain iron only if a state of health need to need to address these supplements.

Diet treatment of iron deficiency

1. To avoid tea and coffee, as they detract from the absorption of iron from food.

2. To avoid eating high-fiber foods, as they have the same effect on the absorption of iron from food, but these foods are necessary to maintain the health of the intestine, so attention should be taking supplements that contain iron to be addressed before or after a suitable period of food intake that contain fiber, and not at the same time.

3. The liver is rich in the element iron, but must be addressed in the liver from reliable sources.

4. Red meat are rich sources of iron, as is the chicken, partridges, geese, pigeons, rabbits and shellfish are good sources of iron.

5. Containing wheat bran, flour, wheat germ and the full amounts of iron.

6. Contains almonds, cocoa and parsley on the amount of medium iron.

7. Are green leafy vegetables such as spinach and cabbage, in addition to organic tomatoes are rich in the elements of the element iron.

8. Has plum and molasses are high in iron.

9. Are the dried fruits such as apricots, plums and raisins a good source of iron, but rich in sugars, so it can be soaked in warm water for several minutes in order to reduce the proportion of the sugars, and then Najafvha before eating.

10. Prefer taking supplements containing iron with a glass of natural fruit juice to help in the absorption of iron in the presence of vitamin C in the juice.

11. Despite the importance of iron in the body, but increase it have a detrimental effect on the body, and may lead to constipation in some cases.

12. Spinach is not considered an important source of iron, and the body to Aimits this type of iron effectively.


• It is best to mix meat with grains and legumes to gain access to the daily need of iron, in addition to meat or beans, bulgur wheat with chicken, it increases the absorption of iron.

• Addressing the juices, as well as green power with lemon juice or vinegar, to increase the absorption of iron.

• If you are a fan of tea and coffee, make sure to be consumed half an hour after at least the meal.

• a pregnant woman to be careful to deal with additional doses of iron from the third month.

• When iron deficiency in children, advised to take extra doses of iron from the fourth month until their second birthday, under the supervision of a pediatrician.

• Parents must make sure periodically hemoglobin and hematocrit when teenage daughters, because iron deficiency threatens the health food as a result of indiscriminate and non-health slimming regimes, and growth needs to have, knowing that anemia also afflicts people who suffer from obesity.

It should be noted that there is a genetic disorder affects one woman in every 200 women and called Haemochromatosis where it should in this case did not address quantities of iron and vitamin C, can be identified in this case through an analysis of a simple blood test.

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