Tips for the prevention of irritable bowel disease

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Tips for the prevention of irritable bowel disease

Yoga for Heartburn and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

More than 20% of people from irritable bowel disease (IPS), with an absolute majority of women. Doctors do not know the reasons for
Infection in this case, as that there is no known cure, which makes the lives of many people, annoying and painful. Is not considered
Irritable bowel disease, a disease in itself, but a set of chronic symptoms that can interfere in the way of daily life. Suffer
People with irritable bowel disease of great sensitivity in the colon is eager to reasons such as tension, pascal or quality of food or drink.
What cursed cramps in the lower abdomen, accompanied by unbearable pain of cramps and gas, and can start a bout of diarrhea or lead to constipation.
In spite of the lack of known cure for this situation, however, more irritable bowel patients can control
Symptoms through drugs or control mood or diet.
And every person has a range of foods which encourage the irritable bowel, but there are some common foods that caused the irritation
Intestine in general. Here's a list of food that caused the irritable bowel:
Dairy products:
Faces many persons have difficulty in digesting Ketoz, protein is available in the dairy products. So you must get rid of
Milk products that contain a high percentage of fat, with the exception of coffee yogurt because few Baketoz and contains a larger amount
Of intestinal bacteria that help digestion. Make sure you choose milk product does not contain artificial sweeteners, and a few fat and supported by calcium.
You can take additional calcium from calcium-fortified soy milk, rice, white cheese and fat-free.
Fat in any form (animal or vegetable) is a strong incentive to shrink the colon, so you must reduce the very fat, such as
Hovering, and poultry (especially dark and solder the skin), and oils (even olive oil and canola), butter, cheese, yellow
, And nuts. Eating fat alternatives, such as the use of sticks to the pan is not food, the use of sprays Rma. Avoid fat
Hidden in prepared foods, for example, potato chips, biscuits stuffed, and fatty sauces, olives, read the posters, medical care,
And avoid fried foods, fatty foods in nature, such as avocado, egg yolk, nuts, and coconut.
Lean red:
Do not eat red hovering and lamb, rich in fat and difficult to digest. You can take the protein from other sources such as
Soy products, skinless chicken and fish.
Caffeine and alcohol:
Both of which affect the intestinal tract, and cursing advancement. Try replacing one cup of coffee or tea the morning cup of orange juice,
Or two glasses of water, moderate heat. Or you can take a drink of herbal tea to calm your colon, such as ginger, and mint.
Artificial sweeteners:
Lisp oil "Awlestra", fat, industrial, digestive problems for many, especially for people who suffer from allergic colitis.
Therefore advise you to avoid drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, as well as foods made from them.
Delicious, delicious, but they belong to the products that contain milk, so be sure to address the few products
Milk and cocoa-rich. Or away from eating chocolate are Bcolon quieter.
Fiber is not soluble:
To foods rich in fiber is not soluble (known as fiber, which passes through the body without digestion) can be
Be a problem unbearable. These foods included fruits, vegetables, and grains, and beans. And (fresh fruit and wheat bran,
And vegetables rich in fiber is not soluble). Necessary to determine the two spoons of food for each meal. If you are adding rich foods
Fiber to your diet, do address them slow to reduce bloating and gas poisoning.
Finally, diet is the best way to avoid allergy colon, and be by reducing the amount of carbohydrates
And protein, and fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and grains.

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