Rules for selection of boot Health

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Rules for selection of boot Health

Choose proper footwear, for men and women alike, an important issue must be taken into account all of what can be caused by wearing shoes made good, or not suitable for measuring the foot, from health problems, the most important of spinal injury significantly affected.
Women face difficult choices when buying shoes because they want that fits the height or Dhugahn or appropriate social Istraenh for it.
But before buying a shoe you must make sure that in line with the following specifications:
• It is not necessary to select proper footwear for the foot and not that go along with fashion, many of the dominant species in fashion are not intended for everyday use. But if the goal of buying shoes match the fashion is to attend the ceremony takes a few hours, this could as it will not take long.
• One of the basic rules for the selection of shoes to be comfortable enough to not make you feel the need to remove it after 15 hours of use, as he does not lead to any pain or inflammation or to the spread of bad smell from him.
• Avoid tight shoes and high heel with an exaggerated manner, because they lead to problems in the fingers. Must not exceed the height of the heel in the ceiling has a 3,5 cm.
• must be given the boot foot display area for the movement towards the two sides, the length must be greater than the measurement foot by one cm.
The above does not mean sacrificing beauty for health, there are also stylish shoes show elegance and beauty of women's feet, at the same time take into account their health.
Make sure to choose a shoe that is made of good material, and that the way making it compatible with the required standards, ie, it contains elements that secure the stability of the ankle in the boot and he holds the foot well.
Beware Shoes «frog»
The experts Podiatry that so-called shoes «frog», no shoes and light in which the slot involving finger big foot, it is not suitable for use throughout the day, but for a little time in the garden or at the beach or at the swimming pool, because this type of shoe does not believe in the foot stability on the one hand, and hurt the other hand, it does not provide the necessary protection in the event of injury from the bottom, which can affect the musculoskeletal system as a whole from the ankle to the neck vertebrae.
Each work shoes
It is clear that the selection of the boot is also subject to the nature of the profession, Vamadevp aviation choose shoes differs from the shoe doctor or the secretary or the seller in a store, but all of whom participated in one recipe that is, they spend long hours at work, and it is therefore not allowed them to harm Borgelhn, for this they have to choose carefully and shoe care.
Certainly, women with diabetes, or women with problematic health, should they have to choose carefully the type of shoe, the shoes can be bad for them cause problematic health, such as ulcers, or bruises.
Shopping list
When you buy a woman new shoes with higher through the process of shopping article Aladrellanin in the body, this preferably Tstahbi with you your sister or your daughter or your mother or your girlfriend, because their presence with you will not stop you only buy shoes IX painted pink because the color your favorite, but will cut you have also the possibility falling under the pressure of fever, purchasing, and ignoring several facts of the most important, very ugly to boot first, and that the price exceeds the financial potentials, secondly, that the shoe might be nice but he can not bear to wear.
Should also be cautious when the seller tells you that this shoe will expand after a period of use, especially when it is made of synthetic materials, he would not lie if the narrow during testing.
The boot must be appropriate to take the status of excellent men when they tried, and not to stifle or foot pressure on the fingers or out of the man during the walk.

The top five errors in buying shoes
Selection by price rather than quality
It might seem appropriate price shoe at first glance, the purchase of two types of shoes and a handbag with them the best shoes to buy one expensive, but in turn you can sacrifice the feet and damage to their savings?
Not taking into account the objective of the use
If the goal of buying new shoes is to use it at work, this must be different from the second situation which is to buy shoes for walking and wandering in the streets. In the second case you must abandon the idea that the shoes attractive and alluring high-heeled, if you are in the end, Madam, do not want to continue to walk barefoot.
Lack of interest in the material made
When love at first sight, the mind step aside, and met once with a shoe dreams overlooking from the windows of a store, they know what the meaning of these words, that is, they do not care about the quality of material is it made them the boot, but form only.
Disregard for the specificity of each foot
You have to choose to boot not only his experience on one foot, even if your time and you are tight in a hurry, because each one of us has the forward differ from the other. Should be on those who suffer from health problems, especially people living with diabetes, to choose carefully because the shoe comfort to the feet and health considerations must be in the foreground.
Shopping at any time
If you want to avoid getting disappointed, you should postpone the procurement process in the hot days until the afternoon or evening, because the foot to be tired during the day and loose, and thus may seem that the shoe does not fit the chosen am in the evening.

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