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* The definition of nightmares:
- The nightmare is a dream that occurs during sleep, which is characterized by rapid eye movements referred to as (REM), which is accompanied by a strong sense of inescapable fear up to anxiety.

It occurs often in the last sleep and are often paid to the sleeper wakes up from sleep and be able to retrieve the events in his dream.

- Names of other nightmares: bad dreams.

And nightmares are common among children more than they occur whenever the child is older and nearly adulthood. And dreams of nearly 50% of adults nightmares sometimes be women than men in a dream nightmares, but the does not require any treatment, you may be eating directly before going to sleep from one of the reasons for the dream of nightmares and the explanation behind that eating increases the metabolism, which occurs on the human body and brain activity. The dream of almost 1% of adults in the same nightmares frequently and here should ask for help.

* Causes of nightmares:
- Anxiety or exposure to pressure are the most common causes of the dream stuff of nightmares.
- Was one of the persons (death).
- Side effects of a drug.
- Withdrawal talk (stop), one of drugs such as sleeping tablets.
- The influence of alcohol or excessive increased drinking.
- Drop suddenly from alcohol use.
- Disorders of breathing during sleep (Sleep apnea).
- Sleep disorders (Narcolepsy - Sleep terror disorder).

* Care or home care:
If the person is suffering from severe pressure, should seek help from his friends and relatives. You speak what was happening inside the mind because talking aloud to ease the tension as a psychological treatment. The practice of physical activity to come out where your energies and emotions and help you to sleep faster, particularly those which rely on wind power.
Learn some techniques that help relax tense muscles to reduce the (Alastrechaiy treatment) and this in turn will reduce the concern. Get used to the healthy sleep system by not using any sedative or stimulant substances such as caffeine.
If you notice that the nightmares associated with entry into a particular medication you should consult a doctor immediately, who would advise him Ptoagafk either immediately or take an alternative.
Reassess lifestyle of friends, work, family to identify the factors that help the misuse of drugs including alcohol, which helps to dream stuff of nightmares.

- But if it continued or repeated nightmares on Madaralosbua, and became comfortable bar you from sleep or from the exercise of your daily activities you need to consult a specialist, who will ask you some questions:
* Time:
- Do you nightmares occur frequently?
- Can occur in the second half of the night?

* Gender:
- Could there be a sudden awakening from sleep is accompanied by a complaint?
- Can cause nightmares, fear and worry?
- Do you remember in the form of terrifying nightmares after you wake up?

* Factors that lead to nightmares:
- Is there an ongoing disease, the person suffering from it?
- Is there a fever (temperature)?
- Do you judge a person's mental attitude is full of pressure lately?

* Other things:
- Does the person drink alcohol? And what quantity?
- What are the drugs taken, if any?
- Do you use natural remedies or alternative medicine?
- What are the other symptoms that appear on a person?

- As for the medical examination to be either normal or disclosure of nervous and psychological examination
The following tests are required:
- Blood tests (CBC-Blood differential).
- Liver function tests.
- Tests of the thyroid gland.

As a result, after the work of all these tests, the doctor advised to take some drugs, but in very rare cases.

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