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Juice for each disease

Fruit juice rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and iron .. It is also easy to digest as it contains organic acids with high nutritional value ..

Most important types of juice and its benefits are:
Pineapple juice: helps digestion and is very useful for trainers as he prepared to Paul and repelling toxins in the body and is recommended by people with anemia, indigestion, and also has the ability to dissolve grease that is useful for people with obesity ..

Apricot juice: recommended persons with weakness and wasting and weakness of people living with mental and anemia as it is very useful for children in addition to benefits in Mkavhpalashal

Lemon juice: very useful for children in the process of growth, and to fight colds and flu in the winter ..

Berry juice: works to strengthen the functions of the liver and regulates the nervous system also advises people living with gout (joint pain) and arthritis to reduce Oojalla ..

Grape juice: repellent poisons and advises patients kidneys, bowel and heart disease, high blood pressure as he Remover to congestion of the liver and reduce the inflammation of the digestive system which has a good effect in the circulatory system and advised by people with certain types of diets ..

Strawberry juice: hydrating and laxative if taken with water and Mmzoa clutch if taken alone and take Passion Rx is described gargling against infections, throat and pharynx ..

Prune juice: very rich in vitamin C and is very useful for adolescents and recommended for those who engage in strenuous sports ..

Orange juice: It is recommended by children and adolescents in the process of growth, as recommended in the period of convalescence after fever or the flu ..

Cherry juice: very rich in mineral elements and reinforced joints for the body, and drink for more than two days makes it easier to expel toxins and waste from the body ..

Apple juice: a source of energy and diuretic and laxative against the contraction of the stomach as he sang fiber juice likable? Dealt with many diseases.

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