How do I know I washed fruits and vegetables good?

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How do I know I washed fruits and vegetables good?

Kteftiha only if your hand from the tree of the garden! However, it has moved from hand to hand to hand. Where they were and how you got to you?
From the first day to reap the Tvaank, there is a rate of rate of 7 persons to touch it before you have chosen. And about 20 people have touched the tomatoes before they fall out of your hand on a shelf in the supermarket? There are still many people who become ill each year due to vegetables and fruits that have not been washed, cooked or cooled properly or correctly.

When and how to wash vegetables and fruit?
The best way to start ... Is to wash your hands with soap and water, then make sure that Mgseltk completely clean.
It is very important washing vegetables and fruits before eating, because you can Hvha your hands under the water clean. To facilitate the process even more, you can use a custom brush, swish and clean vegetables and fruit such as melon cruel, potatoes and squash. It is also necessary that Takecrenha washing fruits such as bananas and oranges.
And always remember to wash vegetables and fruits before they are used directly, and not before storage, in order to maintain their nutritional value.
Good advice:
You like to stay crispy lettuce Mqurmha! Mqurmha to maintain it, wash each leaf individually, before being placed in a basket on a napkin or networked dry.
Type of fruit and vegetables the way washed fruits and vegetables cruel: apples, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and avocados. Igsleyha in clean drinking water at a temperature ranging between 27 and 40 degrees Celsius. Mature and fresh vegetables: strawberry, raspberry ... Ocotfiha gently machine wash, or put them in a basket of staple fibers and Edjlleha in a bowl filled with warm water, then remove the national basketball and enter times in a row and quickly. Others water to become clean. Authorities, such as leafy green vegetables, lettuce, radish, carrots. Agsleyha in very cold water to keep the Qurmstha.
Good information:
Washing fruits and vegetables in lukewarm water enhances the taste and smell of fruits and vegetables that are prepared.
The correct way to dry vegetables and fruit
Ajafviha in taboo or a clean towel. Drying is an important step and very precise, because any drop of water on the surface of vegetables or fruits may lead to damage.
Not recommended for use detergent or dishwashing soap to wash vegetables and fruit, as the effects of these materials on them may cause diarrhea. Conversely you can use to sterilize your washing fruits and vegetables, available in the supermarket.
Now, is there a delicious and tastier than a large bowl of fresh fruit best of color decorate the center of Ataiwlp waiting by the owner.

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