Hyper thyroid the dangers threatening the young stroke

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Hyper thyroid the dangers threatening the young stroke

فرط الغدة الدرقية لدى الشباب يهدد بمخاطر السكتة الدماغية  education

Hyper thyroid in young people the dangers threatening stroke education

Hyper thyroid in young people the dangers threatening stroke, brain Taipei / Taiwan, researchers found that young people who suffer from overactive thyroid, they face greater risk for ischemic stroke compared to their peers of the same age group.
The researchers explained, that the incidence of stroke, which did not specify reasons for a rate of between one quarter and one third of the total cases of ischemic stroke among young people, caused by cerebral ischaemia.
They pointed out that it is not recognized in the past overactive thyroid as risk factors for stroke in individuals, who are aged between 18 and 44 years.
The overactivity of the thyroid endocrine disorders, which result in increased production of thyroid hormones, which leads to further stimulate metabolic processes, so patients suffer from excessive sweating, mood syndrome, weight loss, diarrhea and other symptoms.
The research team from the University of Taipei in Taiwan conducted a study on a group of three thousand and 176 young men were diagnosed all Kmassapin overactive thyroid gland during the period between the beginning of the year 1998 and the end of 2000.
The study included more than 25 thousand people who are not infected with overactive thyroid gland, and the average age, including 32-year-old to constitute the comparison group.
The study included the tracking of the participants for five years to identify cases who suffered ischemic stroke, it was found that 1% of cases of overactive thyroid suffered this type of stroke during that period, compared to 0.6% for the rest of the participants.
According to the survey results, increased risk of stroke in young people with overactive thyroid, an increase of 44%, even after controlling for the impact of other risk factors associated with stroke such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and coronary artery disease and other.
The researchers believe that the study showed an association between overactive thyroid, the risk of ischemic stroke later when an individual is young, but they stressed the need to be evaluated this link more closely in future studies.

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