Do not fool yourself olive oil

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Do not fool yourself olive oil

Olive-Oil Looking Fabulous Starts with  Skin Care

For the French, olive oil is healthy food choice. 67% of households consume. It is true that it is adorned with many virtues. But beware, there are several varieties, and the content of protective elements varies according to season, origin, mode of production. Quick guide to season without mistakes.

Olive oil is highly acclaimed for its taste but also for its virtues. And this is not a coincidence that the famous cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet ...
More good fats

Yes, olive oil is actually an oil nutritional qualities recognized. This is partly due to the nature of fats contained therein. Nothing to do with the famous Omega-3 which you are extolling the virtues of all the supermarkets! Not the fat content in the olive oil is called "monounsaturated. This type of fat has a moderate impact on cholesterol, but plays a general role in protecting against cardiovascular disease, especially compared to saturated animal fats. Note: with these monounsaturated fats, olive oil has the advantage that it can be used for cooking. Provided they do not exceed a temperature of 180 ° C. A simple fix: it should not smoke.
Polyphenols foremost

But the olive oil contains other elements Health: polyphenols. These compounds are part of the family of antioxidants and help fight against free radicals in the deleterious effects: aggression of cells, DNA modification, oxidation of cholesterol. But olive oil contains more than twenty polyphenols. But only two are actually absorbed by the body: hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol. And their effect has been proved by including a European study: Eurolive. This showed that consumption of olive oil rich in polyphenols allowed to increase good cholesterol (HDL) cholesterol and lower bad (LDL), and therefore had a very favorable impact on cardiovascular risk factors .

For Dr. Patrick Serog, nutritionist, "we already knew that olive oil had a protective effect through its monounsaturated fatty acids, now known as polyphenols from olive oil are also likely specific role. But if we take an oil rich in antioxidants. Because the rate of polyphenols varies depending on the origin of the seasons, the olive variety, climatic conditions ... Not to mention that the polyphenols are not all vitamin E in olive oil is a powerful antioxidant too! Note: manufacturers now offer as Lesieur oils "guaranteed content of antioxidants (280 mg / kg).

Remember that it is always interesting to vary the oils (olive, walnut, soybean, rapeseed ...) that you use to vary the intake.
And the taste?

Of course, you do not choose an oil only for its polyphenol content, you want a taste ... know that the two are linked! Because polyphenols are responsible for the bitterness of the oil ... But the French tend to prefer milder flavors and fruity. The idea is to find the balance. A priori, you can rely on the labels: if given extra virgin olive oil, this means not only that the manufacturing process is strictly controlled, but the oil also satisfies strict criteria taste. Tasters oil intervened to allow the label!
Recipes devour

To sublimate the taste of olive oil, here is a menu to enjoy with family:

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