Acid-base method: the real detox diet!

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Acid-base method: the real detox diet!

Acid-Base, Fluids, and Electrolytes Made  Ridiculously Simple (MedMaster Series)

You feel tired, stressed, you have chronic pain and you have a few extra pounds ... All your problems may have a single cause: the acidity of your body. Dr. Herve Grosgogeat, author of "The acid-base method", explains how to restore balance.

The acid-base method that you propose in order to fight against the acidification of our body. Why is this phenomenon?
Dr. Grosgogeat: It goes back to the rapidly changing food habits, which are sometimes harmful to the body. At the beginning of humanity, people were hunters and gatherers, they did lots of exercise and eating mostly fruits and vegetables and lean meats. But the settlement was accompanied by the breeding and cultivation of varieties of plants. Moreover, the stresses which have been subjected men have changed. There was therefore an acidification of the body. Acidity is measured using the hydrogen potential or pH. The more we go towards a more acidic it is, the more one goes to 14, is more basic. Blood pH is 7.4 and does everything to remain as stable as possible.

How does this change the acid-base balance to the acidity of the body is it harmful?
Dr. Grosgogeat: Our bodies normally acid neutralization systems that enable it to restore the acid-base balance of blood.
It will thus call upon its reserves base to neutralize acids. Using for example calcium from bones to fight against acid. But if the imbalance is too large and chronic, there appears a tired, aching muscles and joints that may seem rather mundane. In addition, it will have an effect on the bone, with a gradual softening, particularly in women. In general, acidification of the body will cause premature aging. But the acidity is a silent killer, such as hypertension or pre-diabetes, which gradually corrodes the body until a health problem reveals.

How to fight against this acidification?
Dr. Grosgogeat: We must fight against the causes! The daily stress for example is responsible for acidification of the body, linked to levels of the hormone: cortisol. Lack of physical activity is also linked to acidification. But be careful, too much exercise is harmful for producing acid.
And of course, food is an essential factor to change to restore the balance between acids and bases. In my book, I insist on the index that allows to know the potential acid or base of each food: the SARP. It was through him that we can compose a balanced plate by acid-base method. Many carbohydrate foods are acidifying. Red wine is its slightly basic, coffee does not raise any particular problems and the chocolate either. Beware, some mineral waters also have potential acidifying. The important thing is not to avoid acidifying foods and only eating the other, but to balance his meals, that is to say, compensate for food intake by food acids bases. For example, the liver of a calf SARP fewer than 14 of the spinach over 14. A dish with these two foods can therefore achieve balance. By cons, if you take a steak, pasta with parmesan, a little cheese and a sweet dessert, you arrive at a total very acidifying.

No way to demonize food: nothing is forbidden, the important thing is balance and compensation. Overall, the ideal is to put in his plate of food 70% basic and 30% acidic foods. And for the most refractory of food supplements rich in bases can counteract acidification.

And how to change his lifestyle?
Dr. Grosgogeat: Of course you have to do some physical activity, approximately 10 000 steps per day (easy to measure with a small pedometer). Then we can add three sessions of sport per week without neglecting strength training. For stress management, I recommend meditation, or yoga for example.
The acid-base balance can also have an effect on weight?
Dr. Grosgogeat: Yes, acidifying diet accompanied by weight gain general. And the fact of its power according to rebalance the acid-base method has a direct effect on the line, to eliminate excess weight.

You made an interesting parallel between human health and that of the planet. Can you tell us more?
Dr. Grosgogeat: As humans, we can make the finding of the acidification of the planet: acid rain, acidification of soils ... We also note that at sea level coral calcium rich play the same role as the bones in the body, and disappear in response to acidification of the water. Today, man mistreats his body as he mistreats his environment ...

Interview by Alain Sousa.

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