The health virtues of mineral waters

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The health virtues of mineral waters

The French are fond of mineral waters. It is true they are ready for many health virtues. Lean, fatigue, transit ... what are really the benefits of these drinks? Responses from Dr. Francis Raoux, cell scientist Neptune Group (St. Yorre Vichy Celestins ...).

The mineral waters have proved a success in France and there are many who choose this or that water for its health virtues. But can it be cured with water?

Virtues health minéralesDocteur François Raoux water: You can not treat a disease with a mineral water, except in a very particular, but that it is left to the physician and their requirements. In general, mineral water for everyone

Without curing diseases, mineral waters nevertheless provide essential compounds to the body. But what are the minerals that lie in those bottles?

Dr François Raoux: The best known is probably calcium. It is often said that the current diet, inadequate calcium is modern and well water rich in calcium, you can make an interesting addition. It does not have an immediate effect on the body: you do not feel anything immediately, but gradually you'll have high intakes of calcium. Ultimately, it is hoped that it may have a preventive effect on osteoporosis.

Calcium is particularly useful for women who are a little slimming plan which will avoid eating cheese not grow, who does not eat cream will not eat it all ... After a moment, they have inadequate calcium intake. For them, it is interesting to advise them of calcium.

We also speak a lot of mineral water that can fill up on magnesium. What is it really?

Dr François Raoux: Some people are probably magnesium deficiency which leads to a little fatigue, a little nervous, both physical and psychological. Physically, you can have small articular fasciculations. Psychologically, you have fatigue that can be installed ... Since we can not measure magnesium, it is easier to make a cure magnesium. It's up to either tell the doctor prescribed magnesium, or drinking water rich in magnesium for 15 days and then see if it changes something. If you are less tired and that it is better, it probably lacked that magnesium is a very good way to act.

With the waters rich in bicarbonate, the effect is much more immediate. Baking is a well known anti acid that can be found on the body. In the stomach, a water rich in bicarbonate increases the pH, ie we struggled against a possible hyper-acidity.

If significant physical exertion, it produces lactic acid. When is rehydrated with water rich in bicarbonate, there was both a better acid-base balance and better rehydration because these water-rich minerals that hydrate better than water poor in minerals. Ultimately, it has a direct effect on muscle function, that is to say, better muscle performance.

Some waters have a thin position then is that the water can really help to lose weight?

Dr François Raoux: Let's be clear and clean, the water never makes weight loss even waters that are categorized as thin. A water does not lose weight. Strictly speaking, if one really wants to be a sophist can say "if you drink water instead of cakes, you'll lose weight, but it's not serious to say that.

The water that does not lose weight, but there are some waters that are positioned thin because it is water rich in sulphates, which will then accelerate a little bowel movement ... Here, we will in the sense of the silhouette of weight loss. Furthermore, it is water rich in calcium, and calcium intake in women who are attentive to their line, it's a good thing. It is more of a positioning slimming virtues that real thin, that's obvious!

So do not forget to listen to your body, drink regularly, at least one and a half liters of water per day.

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