Five factors related to genetic risk for breast cancer

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Five factors related to genetic risk for breast cancer

British scientists announced that there are five factors related to genetic risk for breast cancer, giving researchers a better understanding of the causes of the disease, and paves the way for the further development of the means of treatment.

And led the professor at the University of Cambridge, Douglas Easton, the largest genetic analysis to date on the scope of the complete genome of some breast cancer patients where the examination of genomes of about 16 thousand and 536 patients, and discovered five new common genetic changes.

And dissemination of Easton and his colleagues in a study in the journal Nature Genetics, which they emphasized that these results are added to the 13 other genetic changes common to breast cancer patients, and will assist in the interpretation of about 8% of the risk of the disease.

There are a few high-risk genetic changes occur more scarce responsible for 20% of other risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among women in rich countries, and kills half a million around the world annually. Seen medical history of the family as a known increased risk of breast cancer, and doubles a woman's risk of this cancer that was almost the closest relatives of affected by the disease

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