Premature babies more sensitive to pain

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Premature babies more sensitive to pain

According to a new study of premature infants are more sensitive to pain than those who are born after months of pregnancy complete when the progress in life. He attributed the researchers reported that, according to press the Daily Mail on Monday, the length of the period they remain in the hospital after giving birth to the provision of their health care needs and the possibility that
This affects their brains and therefore their sense of pain. The study also found that premature babies respond to mothers who Erfohm between their arms sticking and patted on their backs fully the UN expert, who were born after the completion of full months of pregnancy. The researchers found this result after the study, which included 15 children, in University College in London. The preterm children spend long months in intensive care units in the hospital in which injecting needles and fed through tubes, especially taken from them from time to time samples of blood for testing. Researcher Dr Rebecca Slater, "The premature infants in spite of all that respond to touch the mothers in the same way that responds to the other peers when you try to nurture and otherwise." She pointed out that recent studies have shown that children aged between nine and 14 years old have different responses to pain if they Khaddja. The proportion of British children are premature by about 8% of the total number of births in the United Kingdom, a period in which the child is born before the expiration of the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy.

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