Henna tattoo cause cancer of the blood!

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Henna tattoo cause cancer of the blood!


Henna tattoo, which has become common among Almsifin while traveling across Asia and the Middle East, is associated with increased incidence of what is known as cancer or leukemia.

Researchers have discovered in the Gulf region accidents is much higher than usual for the types of leukemia at the local women, and elsewhere, where most of the injured men.

They believe that one possible cause could be a common local practice of using henna decorations detailed work on the skin.

The researchers believe that henna alone is not the problem, but the vehicles used as a solvent for the henna powder. Valbenzin known to cause cancer, is prohibited to use for this purpose in many countries, but nonetheless used on a large scale.

The study, conducted by a team of experts from hospitals in the UAE that the majority of women in the UAE using henna to dye Ozvarhn and hands and feet and decorating a large area of skin on their arms and legs with a view to Altjml. Because of the limitation of henna on women, the gasoline and any other chemicals mixed with henna could be a potential danger.

Henna is natural cause leukemia (Reuters)

Scientists have warned for years that some cosmetic products contain additives linked to cancer. Henna has become popular because some see natural products.

The sort of common liquid used in the give the effect of henna in the resorts around the world, or what is known as black henna, is in fact not made of henna, and often contains a substance called "Bara Ffinelindyadmin" that can cause allergies and scars.

In the Gulf, where it is seen for the use of henna as a form of art cosmetic, henna is used for real, but local authorities acknowledge that clinics often use a paste ready mixed with gasoline.

The study also revealed that the disease "acute myelogenous leukemia," was more common by 93% among UAE women than in men, and the highest with 63% of foreign women.

A spokesman for the Business Administration in the United Kingdom that banned the use of gasoline as a solvent for all consumer products in Britain, especially for use in cosmetics according to the instructions European.

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