Here are tips to avoid the burdens of the neck and keep yourself!

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Here are tips to avoid the burdens of the neck and keep yourself!

Head and Neck

The neck of the most vulnerable parts of the body of pain and disease, and to avoid these problems, doctors give you some tips that ease your pain, and make you feel comfortable:

1 Do not hold in the sitting position for a long time, especially sitting by the Being which is obliged to stabilize the situation of the neck in one direction, such as reading or writing or watching television, and if necessary Vaatdli and Astrahi every fifteen minutes at least, a national work of some of the exercises, light prescribed by the treating physician.

2 Keep developing your head straight while sitting, must be the length of the office or desk that Tamli it appropriate to prevent the curvature of your neck it, UNOPS must be close to them, can put a wooden base oblique small office to help to read or write without bending the neck so that what you write or read in the level of consideration.

3 Ideally, the work on the computer is put the screen so that its position at the level of the person's nose that sat before them, and put the keyboard so that the shoulders in a rate (not a tubular to the top) and the elbow praising degree, 90 and have the wrist relaxed in the development of 30 degrees.

4 the normal position of the head as received newspaper Times is to be straight and one with a backbone, meaning that when you look at the people side of the ear on a single line with the shoulder the more movement of the neck to the front of this situation increased the pressure on the vertebrae and muscles of the neck, Every movement of the head to the front by 2.50 cm, mean increased pressure on the lower cervical vertebrae by the weight of the head, so it must be maintained on the head in the upright position always.

5 Do not put the headset or mobile phone, between the shoulder and head, because that would lead to overloading on the paragraphs and tissues of the neck.

6 Avoid exposing the neck to air currents, and try to avoid sudden changes of the atmosphere, such as transfer of hot air to the air-conditioning.

7 can use a pillow under the arms would be based on two arms to the armpits to the elbows during playback, to ensure a book at eye level without bending the neck to reduce the overload on the paragraphs and tissues of the neck and shoulders, which will carry the bag weight of your arms and writers can use this method During the work of knitting or sewing.

8 to sit in a chair long-short set with the Office of the neck and back in an abuse.

9 Avoid reading or watching TV and you're lying on the bed, where the neck in most situations in a bad situation.

10 When you have a heart contraction and pain muscular neck and shoulders, can be an act of worship hot water underneath a towel lightly on the neck muscles and shoulders for twenty minutes, or exposing the muscles in the neck and shoulders to the stream of hot water from the shower, but avoid exposure to air currents then or directly.

11 Do not sleep while sitting or while riding the bus or car.

12 on the neck pain patients to avoid heavy lifting, or push and pull objects, especially heavy force, and therefore to avoid situations that forced them to lift his head to the top for a long time, such as painting the ceiling or the sky hopes.

13 Avoid the use of bifocals (see and read) together to read from the computer screen.

14 Try to sleep while keeping your head and neck in a straight line, so they are not pillows are very high, or very low, whether you are sleeping on your side or on your back.

15 Avoid using a pillow too small or too hard or the type who easily compressed, so as to be useless.

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