Bacteria treatments that can help in the fight against allergies

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Bacteria treatments that can help in the fight against allergies

Is a seasonal allergic reaction of the body's immune system learned to natural materials spread in the environment occur during a certain period of the year.

Sensitivity usually coincides with the solutions fall and spring, rather than resorting to drugs, which are not free in most cases of unpleasant side effects, we can resort to what is the most effective ones.

For example, you can use products "probiotic", which contains the bacteria, "friendly", two weeks before the arrival of waves of sensitivity to its highest level, this month or in September (September) each year.

The friendly bacteria can change the composition of liquid Tstotunh Intestinal bacteria abundance (find ten thousand bacteria per ml in the liquid fermentation).

Thus, unable to bacterial liquid, which records a strong link with the thrill of sensitivities, from interfering in the process of producing two types of Alomigno IgM (IgE) and (IgG).

The researchers suggest the Italians in the Department study the sensitivities in the hospital "San Raffaele" in Milan that the bacteria Albroobiotip called a "Ktobsilos Kazi" (Lactobacillus casei), the injection of the body in a period ranging between two and five months before the arrival of the wave of seasonal allergies (should allergic abuse bacterial products Albroobiotip twice a year), the effect is very good.

And by taking blood samples, the team of volunteers with various types of allergies, and at different times, it was clear the Italian researchers, the types of bacteria Albroobiotip able to cut production Alomigno IgM (IgE), responsible for most allergic symptoms, on the one hand, and increased production Alomigno IgM (IgG) antibodies which are able to curb the symptoms of allergies, on the other.

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