How to deal with the human nervous

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How to deal with the human nervous

₪ ₪ stability and calm

Because this class of people known to be violent conduct
Subject by others and suffer distress and help him to obtain a
Them what they want.
Therefore, the most important thing must be committed by him is to try to eject from the path of anger and revolution and that can only be achieved stability and decency, and to provide satisfactory solutions to it.

₪ Let the person a chance to calm down nervous ₪

It may be difficult for the same some of us do not react to
Insolence or abuse, but must be fully aware that the challenge of this
Kinds of people push them to further anger and revolution.

₪ search for any destination for the approval ₪

This person does not feel nervous with the approval of most
The people around him, so if you try to propose any idea that they can feel
Approval, that make him feel ((confused)) because it would have to
Disagree with himself protesting than get it out of anger!

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