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Honey bees gained great importance since ancient times, and despite the importance of honey as food excellent, but he has gained special importance as a therapeutic anti-microbial and sterile.

The following article by Dr. Nizar Haddad of the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension and in cooperation with the Jordanian Society for Scientific Research reviews the major scientific studies that dealt with medical uses of honey bees.

Use of honey in treating wounds in more than 2000 years, and recently scored honey chilling effect for about 60 species of aerobic bacteria and anaerobic species and gram (+) and Gram (-), was also found to have anti-fungal and types of yeast and Alospergels and Penicilli.

Perhaps the acquisition of many types of microbes resistant to antibiotics currently, one of the main reasons for re-evaluation of therapeutic uses for honey, which is used widely as anti-microbial and infections of the gum tissue and the gastrointestinal tract and skin infections and other diseases.
The antibacterial properties of honey in the properties of the easiest understanding and study, and explain these properties through a number of qualities that are available in natural honey, notably:

• high proportion of sugars in natural honey, making it enjoy a high Bosmoszep make it able to withdraw the water content is located in the cells of bacteria and fungi leads to her murder.
PH of honey natural PH ranging between (03/03 to 04/04) acquired this property acid inhibit the growth of most types of bacteria.

• The ability of honey to produce hydrogen peroxide during the slow formation of acid Alglokonyk of sugar glucose, which is characteristic of anti-microbial, making honey is ideal in treating wounds and damage caused by bacterial infection.

• The different sources of nectar makes honey have different properties, some of which contains a large amount of enzyme Alkatelizalmswol equation for hydrogen peroxide in honey is made up while on the infected tissue to cause healing.

Studies have shown that the most important disincentives bacteria in honey is hydrogen peroxide which results from the interaction of glucose nectar with the enzyme glucose Oksudaiz by the adrenal glands, pharyngeal in the bee to be added to the nectar transformed into «honey», and thus the periods of oxidation of small amounts of glucose to Glakon to Acton, which Alglokonyk balanced with acid (acid essential in the honey), and this process will continue until the completion of the maturity of nectar and composed with each molecule «oxide glucose» product during the reaction one molecule of hydrogen peroxide and its function is to prevent corruption mature honey. As this process continues and by the enzyme «Alkataliz» is located in the honey decompose hydrogen peroxide is formed after the water and it starts with the active oxygen, which has a disincentive effect on the bacteria. It was found that honey Symposium horny contain a higher enzyme Alkataliz, and increase the effectiveness of honey in general and high-density private, must use supplied as a dilute, whether the wounds of foreign affairs or if taken through the digestive tract because the enzyme glucose Oksudaiz is usually ineffective in honey high-density and acidic media.

In general, the more varied sources of nectar plants and are each honey was darker in color and increased the effectiveness of anti-microbial. Vhooaly effective against the bacteria Gram (+), such as bacteria caused disease, diphtheria, anthrax and the bacteria Streptococcus and Staphylococcus and the types of bacteria that cause intestinal poisoning, and less effective against the bacteria Gram (-).

Medical uses of honey and clinical observations:

Uses honey in the treatment of inflammation and are widely adopted as the treatment of sore body's internal organs, such as infections of the digestive system, respiratory infections, urinary and reproductive, eye infections, infections of State inherent in wounds, burns and ulcers, including ulcers Diabetic foot and abscesses and infections of surgical operations, cases have been recorded had responded skin infections treatment honey at the time failed to traditional antibiotics and antiseptics to treat.

In order to achieve a greater benefit of honey on the mucous membranes and gastrointestinal tract (oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus) are advised to eat honey on small doses and keep it in the mouth until melting because of the ability of the mucous membranes and tissues of oral cavity to absorb molecules of honey. It was found that the bile and intestinal infectious reduce the opposite effect of microbes in honey so it is advisable to drink soda solution before the honey is to equalize the interaction of the acidic juice of infectious diseases, or consumed with milk or even add a cup of water to warm. And honey is described as a destructive effect on H. pylori, which is one of the reasons the development of stomach ulcers.

And experience the world of bacteria, the U.S. Sasi has concluded that honey is an environment that is suitable for the life of bacteria because of its content of potassium, which absorbs moisture bacteria. Where to add various types of bacteria pathogenic to honey, which was able to eliminate the bacteria of typhoid fever in 48 hours and bacterial counterpart typhoid fever within 24 hours and Dsentarya-causing bacteria within 10 hours, and other types of bacteria in 5 hours.

Given the impact of anti-microbes in honey is widely used in the sterilization of skin lesions of different capacity is healing honey to speed up the circulation of blood and Allimv in damaged tissue, increasing feed tissue in that region, thus increasing the speed of renewal and growth of cells, in addition to the center of an antimicrobial different.

For some types of honey a good reputation in this area, such as honey Ocjaralamanuka in New Zealand where folklore is part of New Zealand having been used in folk medicine the old, and still Ochehrone honey in New Zealand and the advantage of Bkhvth and tastes delicious. And held him a lot of academic research and tests that prove the effectiveness of permanently strong this honey against microbial infections, particularly infections of the throat and places of burns and wounds.

In a recent study conducted in New Zealand to determine the effectiveness of honey as an antidote to the bacteria, has been in use two types of honey: honey Ocjaralamanuka honey, and flowers variety, treated injuries skin, the effect of infection with the bacterium Staphylococcus were canceled factor osmosis high honey dilution to the extent that pause effectiveness of the activity osmosis treatment, for the purpose of studying the impact of other characteristics of honey on the infected tissue is property of osmosis, it is clear that both types of honey has curative effect achieved by good and very close. This is due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide in the abundance of various flowers, honey, but honey Ocjaralamanuka containing less than Ozarfalip has - at least for relatively - in the killing of bacteria in the place of injury.
In another study of a random sample of 50 patients were treated the wounds of 24 patients with 70% ethanol in addition to iodine, while the same treatment the wounds of 26 patients with honey Ozharcjralamanuka, it was found that the group that was treated wounds with honey showed complete recovery in less than half the time needed by the other disinfectants to heal itself.
In the patients suffered wounds bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics was noted that good results have been achieved after five days of the application of honey therapy.

General observations:

• Although the honey does not provide an environment for living and the growth of bacteria, but it may contain spores of effective types of them such as spores of bacteria Alclaustredea, so it is treated honey allocated for medical use gamma rays to eliminate the spores Alclaustredea without causing these rays to any loss or Dharraly effectiveness Honey as an antidote to the bacteria and treat large quantities of honey trees Almanuka - Almzkoranva - this way, and sold for medicinal uses.

• Although the viscosity of honey and its presence in the case of crystallization at room temperature in most cases, however, it becomes a liquid at body temperature and more liquid when diluted by a certain place for the treatment of infection where the healing ability even greater reduction as mentioned above.
• You must synchronize to cover the place of infection honey complete coverage to ensure appropriate focus for the achievement of full recovery.

Side effects:

The sensitivity factor that may result from the use of honey in treatment is rare and is attributed to the source of nectar or to a particular type of pollen found in honey. Can do to avoid allergy filter of honey, pollen, where just keep a sense of light Balsa into practice due to the relatively high acidity of honey as a result of pharyngeal gland secretions of bees and acids found in honey that are made through a process of fermentation of sugars. And affect the duration of acid and storage conditions and temperature, can be overcome by a feeling that the use of stinging honey neutral acid.

Perhaps the most that can be felt by the patient when you put honey on the injury is the rapid soothing of pain, and feeling comfortable, and the disappearance of irritability.

It is worth noting here the importance of support joint scientific research between researchers in beekeeping and disciplines of pharmaceutical and medical in the Arab world, where it was noted during the preparation of this article after reviewing a large number of papers and scientific literature evident weaknesses in the Arab Scientific Research in spite of biodiversity, great for plants Rahiqip in Arab world generally and the Levant in particular, as more and more species of flowering plants, 2500 species, may be the reason behind this lack of funding in research and poor coordination between researchers in the field of honey bees and other disciplines.

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