Reasons leading to the swelling of the eyelids, and methods of prevention

1 - inflammation Paljvon as a result of bacterial infection.

2 - Change the level of hormones in women before and after the menstrual cycle and pregnancy as well as lead to the detention of the tissue fluids under the skin.

3 - excess salt causes the food to the detention of the body fluids and swelling of the eyelids.

4 - Smoking and alcohol use as harmful substances by the lead to psychological pressure and stress hormones and changes in the level of blood and all that leads to fluid retention.

5 - interactions that occur as a result of sensitivity to certain foods, medicines or dyes used for coloring hair may lead to a swelling of the face including eyelids.

6 - Frequent crying and the tears flow as the salt is located in tears lead to fluid retention in the tissues under the skin in the area around the eye.

7 - Lack of activity of the thyroid gland.

8 - sleep for long hours as well as sleep deprivation, both of which lead to a bloated eyelids.

- The bloated eyelids may be temporarily made a presentation and not to do any damage but it affects the aesthetics of the eye, but if the swelling continued and severe degree probably due to the presence of a particular disease and therefore must make the necessary examinations.

Prevention of eyelid swelling:

* Do not Eating meals that contain carbohydrates.
* Ensure that eating foods rich in vitamins.
* Stop smoking and alcoholic beverages.
* Raise the head a little on the pillow during sleep.


1 - Use cold compresses on the eye area in simple cases may lead to improvement of the eyelids, but for a short time.
2 - medical treatment after medical examinations required in the case of a finding of a satisfactory reason for the swelling of the eyelids must treat the disease that causes so.
3 - facelift surgery to improve the aesthetic appearance of the eye and in the case of the absence of disease causing swelling of the eyelids.

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