Health food active memory and improved mood

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Health food active memory and improved mood

British researchers for the health foods boost memory and improve mood and help focus.
The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that the British researchers believe that fatty foods and sugar-saturated active areas of the brain responsible for pleasure just as drugs, explaining that this may explain why some addiction to food and not others.
They pointed out that omega oils - 3, found in some fish, walnuts, and pumpkin is a "food useful for the brain", noting that the weight of the brain is more than 1.3 Cleogram only, that is a fraction of body weight, but consumes about 20% of calories enter the body every day, stressing the importance of eating healthy foods because they are necessary to keep him awake. They added that the body's cells also need an adequate amount of oxygen to function at full capacity and sending a "message" to its members that they receive from the sugar in the blood.
Finally, the study warned of the negative consequences of excessive alcohol and stimulants, pointing out that eating a cup of coffee "espresso" for example, may increase the vigilance of the brain, but to take up two more concern and affect your thinking. He advised researchers to address vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage because it is their view active memory and in particular the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease.

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