" Important Tips to maintain the integrity of the back

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Important Tips to maintain the integrity of the back

Muscles profonds du dos

Rarely think of rights in normal circumstances that is caring for his back and take care of it especially if you do not suffer pain in the spine. But you may wake up suddenly, a man suffering from a major problem and pain in the back. The stand bewildered but the first thing you may be looking for is a doctor specializing in audit to determine the causes and get treatment if the situation so requires.

There is no doubt about 80 percent of adults will pass with such cases in the period of their lives. This can be seen the pain and problems anywhere along the spine, but mostly it occurs in the bottom of the spine.

The human pain, or surprise could escalate gradually over time. In some cases, patients can determine the place of pain and attributes to something he has done, such as lifting a heavy bucket of water or a sprain as a result of an unusual wrap center. In many cases, wake up and feel pain in the lower back without knowing how it happened.

It may become difficult to determine the real cause of this pain. In fact, the majority of people who suffer from back problems not be the case due to health problem and soon the pain go away within two weeks or a few days. And most likely not be a pain issued by the serious condition.

But if continued for a long time and has become chronic, can be used Alchorkostiroed injection or even surgery in the spine the results are impressive and excellent for eliminating pain and restoring the spine to its natural position.

Above all, the treatment of pain and prevent infection by the two presidents to take two actions you can do them:

* Exercises such as the Sports Fitness Sports General include exercises to strengthen back and stomach.

* Training to take the good conditions, whether while sitting or lifting heavy objects or sleep.

There is no doubt that it is possible to get rid of back pain, but it needs the kind of devotion which take constant care to the back and see a doctor to consult in the event of feeling any pain in the back, even if simple. And you can through this care can play an effective role in controlling the health status of your back.

Post back

No doubt you Stdhish, when they are infected for the first time back pain, after finding the size of the weakness that may be involved as a result of that. In fact, you would be unable to do anything without relying on your spine. The main functions include:

* Support the upper part of your body as well as to rely on it when you carry weights or when standing or wandering.

* Allows you to move your spine in a wide range, such as bending forward and back and sides and turn around.

* Is very important to care for and protect your spine so as to ensure for yourself, carry out daily life that include sitting, standing and movement in various forms. In addition, the causes of back pain vary according to the composition and the nature of your spine. The way you feel the pain vary considerably. May feel a deep pain or near-stabbing dagger. Pain may occur in any part of the spine, may occur in a place and feel it in another place.

The duration of pain may vary greatly. Most of the time the back pain can be completed within a few days. You can do light exercises, sports or performance of the movement of the D-back and gently strengthen the spine if it is not severe pain. The exercises help you strengthen the stomach. When the pain fades you can gradually return to normal business practice. But in some cases you may impose to avoid doing any activity for a day or two in during the worst of the pain.

* Use ice when infection: If the pain due to infection, such as Summary of muscle may feel comfortable and you can get rid of some pain linking ice or a bag of vegetables in cold and snow damage in a piece of cloth and placed on the area where the patient suffers from pain. You can do this in the first or second day after infection, but not for more than 20 minutes each time.

* Use ice or heat, whichever makes you feel better off: For the pain could last two days, provides snow for you to rest and avoid the consequences of pain for a long time or permanently. You can use the heat for 20 minutes three times a day. However, avoid sleeping with a pillow heating.

* Medicines: Some medicines may help to ease the pain such as Altylinol and other drugs. But other drugs such as aspirin, non-Asteroydip and ibuprofen or Nabroxin may ease pain and inflammation.

* Avoid fatigue your back and downloading of more than ability: through acts of cruel, doubled the size of the damage and pain. Prefer to limit your activity in line with the severity of suffering, for example, avoid sitting for a long time or lift anything heavy or running or circumvent rapidly cause sprains and increased pain.


If you decide to consult a doctor to diagnose pain in your back, make sure you are not the only one who does so, but that there are many others who have to visit a doctor because of back pain may be more of you. May be useful in the diagnosis of scientific governance of the causes that lead to infection, which may lead to further complications.

It is likely that the doctor asks about the nature of the pain you feel in your back and what could be and what are the things that increase the pain or dispels it. The work to make some practical tests such as X-ray images or Altomograve survey which provides information on the doctor by computer. Or by magnetic resonance imaging.

May not need any of those tests. The reason is that the majority of treatment plans are the same whether magnetic resonance imaging scans or anything else. But may have to the doctor for tests requested magnetic resonance imaging, or by conventional diagnostic tests to help confirm the diagnosis.


Unless the doctor discovers that the pain in your back due to more serious problems, the normal treatment remains the best option .. The fact is that most people are able to achieve real healing from the pain without having to undergo surgery. Even though the problem disc herniation or a narrowing in the course of the spine ..

The goal of the majority of the remedies is to ease the pain of the stage can then make sports and exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles that were damaged.

If you are self-reliant in caring for your back, your doctor may Iusik to continue the exercise. Based on the amount of pain, your doctor may decide you to the following:

* The prescription: Describes the doctor in cases of acute pain medication to reduce inflammation which is a non-drug Asteroydip.

The doctor prescribes medicine for muscle relaxation, such as Alklorzuksazon, Alsichaelubensabren, or Almitaksalon Almithokarbamol, a drug may be useful to calm the muscle spasms that contribute to the pain. In some cases, opiates may be used for a short period to help alleviate the pain.

* Physical Therapy: includes group therapy and the wide range of treatments to relieve the pain. To get rid of the pain the doctor may use the wizard cold ease inflammation. As well as surface treatment or therapy over the sound waves that use sound waves to heat the internal tissues, this treatment may be used to help the muscles to relax.

The spinal massage hands, which can be done by the physical therapist, it provides the patient's numbness or temporary relief of pain. The treatment, called the neural electrical activation may provide for some people to ease the pain, especially for people who suffer from severe pain such as sciatica. The processor can also natural to recommend some exercises for the injured-ins such as swimming, walking or yoga to help improve overall fitness.

* Injection Alchortkowsteroyd: When the doctor suspected the presence of inflammation of the components of the backbone of the solution is injected Alchortkowsteroyd at the front of the joint or in a vacuum with a rope around the spine. Your doctor and in this case the drug injecting the patient. It can also help Alchortkowsteroyd injection if the pain is heading to the leg.

* Alchorsih: Wear Alchorsih or corset back and the abdomen properly to warm your body and help you to support your spine. Can corset to play the role of catalyst to avoid moving the spine directions wrong. But is not recommended to wear braces, such as those more than two hours a day. The reason is that the support provided by the brace can prevent muscle to function properly.

* Education: You can visit a doctor specializing in structure to see real spine and how to work to nurture and care for it, and the way in which to perform its functions.

* Alternative Treatment: Alternative Treatment does not benefit all categories of people. But there are ways could be useful in getting rid of some types of pain such as massage and acupuncture, Hand of China. The best means of these treatments in Complementary Therapy which can be received from the doctor and added to the exercises and programs to strengthen the body.

* Surgery ... And often the last solution: Often spine surgery a last resort, and probably for situations such as diminishing the acute compression of the nerve cord and the spinal cord and the instability of the spine or in situations of vulnerability career when the pain becomes severe and long-term.

There are cases requiring surgery, immediate, but in most cases do not consider surgery as a first option unless they fail the initial options, or if there was a sharp pain is not likely or if there is weakness or loss of control over bladder or the presence of other complications. The fact is that any surgery is not without serious complications.

It is also to be treated must be a natural remedy, may take weeks or months. For these reasons you can think of a number of doctors to consult specialists in the field of orthopedic surgery to make sure the situation facing them.

Regardless of these caveats, the surgery may play a crucial role in getting rid of the pain, when the only concern in the treatment of a specific area of the spine. Based on the type of injury in the spine doctor may recommend the following actions:

* The eradication of the disk: This includes the eradication of part of the disk (disc), who suffered a Bafattq to rid the patient suffering from compression of the nerve. The process is as a process of an open wound and involves removing the portion of the spine to gain access to the entire CD ripper.

In some cases, can be done to remove the disk material through a small cut in the skin Assistant telescope that can enlarge the region that will undergo the surgery. Is called the process of polio eradication and endoscopic process can reduce the complications that disc, and results of the process to shorten the recovery period.

* Eradication of vertebrate plaque: This process involves the eradication of the plate that causes the narrow channel of the spine. It works to expand the spinal canal are underway to alleviate nerve compression due to narrowing of the nerve.

God willing, you will benefit from it because back most important need in the human body

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