Ten foods to ensure you fit, and save your health

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Ten foods to ensure you fit, and save your health


I will talk about food and useful to read about and validated practical experience, with some of these species may Tattabreha danger Regimk ... Commit to these species as a way of life and not just the diet and Cioffi and suggested that your health and very fit, completeness, here are these foods:

Beneficial element in it: potassium

Banana food with a low content of calories and fat, but full example of the food delicious and useful, and it contains a number of mineral elements highlighted in potassium and is one of the most important elements of the body.
The lack of potassium to the weakness and insomnia, and even to irregular heartbeat imbalance, and enough banana one day meet the need of the body of potassium.

Broccoli (or Venus)
Useful element in it: Vitamin A and vitamin C

That one cup of broccoli boiled Slqa light contains 40 calories only, however, it provides 75% to 100% of the daily need for vitamin A. This vitamin is very important for eye health and also help in maintaining the immune function in the body and keep Aledam and teeth intact.
Broccoli also contains vitamin C which Isa'daly prevention of cancer (God kept him out of us and Iiaakm).
Finally Valqrnbit contains iron more than any other type of vegetables and is even more than spinach Bodaaaav many.

Useful element in it: lean protein (ie, lean)

Protein composed of amino acids, and the essential role of these acids is the maintenance of health and that of Khalaaal organize the work of the body's immune and hormone balance and harmony, but muscle strength and flexibility to the skin and Ronfe.
And chicken meat from the best sources of protein that easy digestion and contains the largest amount of protein per gram compared with beef, as well as the source of the elements sulfur, phosphorus and selenium and copper.

To get rid of the largest possible amount of fat, Take off the skin before boiling or roasted chicken.

Beneficial element in it: fat is saturated

Fat divided into two types: saturated fat and unsaturated fat, and recent studies suggest that trans fats in fish meat does help in improving public health, and by reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.
In addition, it is an excellent source of protein as the amount of 250 g which provides more than two-thirds of the amount needed for an adult per day, and finally the fish rich in iodine and phosphorus.

Skim milk:

Useful element in it: calcium and phosphorus

These two elements are integral components of each other (ie, completion of the work, one is dependent on the availability of the other element).
Calcium is needed for the organization of functions and muscle to save the teeth and bones strong, and for the prevention of osteoporosis, which may start in women since the age of five and thirty, and is exacerbated when they reach menopause, and limits the height Itcesp fractures, some may be fatal.
While in most of the phosphorus enters the metabolic functions, including contraction of the heart and muscles and the digestive process.

The full-fat milk and products containing a large amount of fat so it is advisable Ptjunbhm those who follow the diet to reduce weight.

Fresh mushrooms:
Useful element in it: it contains a reduced number of calories and fat

It finds it difficult to eat carrots or celery, fresh mushrooms will find an alternative to the savory, Vkob one of the mushrooms contain only 20 calories and mushrooms Mtaib adds a delicious taste of power or soup and main dishes.

In addition Valaftr rich in potassium and phosphorus and vitamin B, but he may cause inconvenience to people allergic to foods that contain yeast.


Beneficial element in it: all the vitamin

Orange fruit with great benefit and is considered an excellent source of vitamin C and are a rich source of vitamin A as they also contain calcium and potassium, in addition to the rich in fiber, so you should eat whole fruit instead of just drinking juice.

Beneficial element in which: carbohydrates (category I)

Many of us believed that the pasta cause obesity, but it has recently proved an excellent source of carbohydrates, which is the main supplier of energy that drives all functions of the body from muscular work and finishes the process of digestion.
The process is long and complex to digest the carbohydrates in the pasta helps to reduce the level of sugar in the blood and continuous release of energy and provide additional activity ..

As for why most people believe that pasta cause obesity, it is for the use of sauces rich in fat and excess of full-fat cheese.

Beneficial element in which: carbohydrates (category II)

Such as potatoes, pasta (ie disadvantaged) are prohibited to follow the diet, but the fact that medium-sized potato contains about 110 calories, but butter or oil, used in cooking are what cause an obesity ...
Potatoes contain complex carbohydrates in addition to a group of metallic elements Kalmgeim, iron, and phosphorus and potassium, and if washed well and then the potato with its skin Chwicha Tstgli you maximum benefits of the potato for food.

Beneficial element in which: Fiber

Containing wheat bran (ie, peel wheat) a good amount of cellulose fiber material that will help in the prevention of colon cancer and others of enteric diseases, as well as the reduction of cholesterol in the blood that cause heart disease and circulatory problems.

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