Compelling cholesterol and the enemy of cancer .. Resistant to toxins and is effective against bacteria, is it garlic?!

Proved 12 studies documented the importance of garlic in lowering cholesterol in the blood .. One of these studies emphasized the study of Germany that the use of garlic for 12 weeks leads to a reduction of cholesterol in the blood to 12% and triglycerides to 17% .. Not only the benefits of garlic, which was confirmed by studies on only this, it has proven its effective role in reducing the likelihood of pre-eclampsia caused by blood pressure, as well as it helps to increase the birth weights.

Treatment of tuberculosis:

Garlic and active role in the killing of bacteria and resistance to the toxins produced by these bacteria .. The bacteria (anthrax) of the most popular types of bacteria sensitive to garlic .. In addition to the TB bacteria strongly sensitive to the material of bacteria present in garlic.

And extends the benefits of garlic to the field of malignant tumors in the case of milling produces a substance known (Diyalal Diallyl) that lead to reduce the size of cancerous tumors by half if injected by .. This is in addition to other materials lead to the suspension of adhesion carcinogenic cells of the breast.

Quick information:

Garlic herbal plant native to Egypt, Greece, Italy .. Khela is a disinfectant against serious diseases, cholera, plague .. Grown for two periods of the year .. The first of the mid-September to late October, and the second from October to end of November.

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