Installation Adhesives and out of contact

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Installation Adhesives and out of contact

1. Arrange the things you need to install the lenses Adhesives in the eye.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap is not scented, non-oily foundation, and clean water from the tap "tap", and then completely Ajafhma of water.

3. So as not to be confused you do not longer know right from the left lens, then we advise you to enter the right lens first.

4. Remove the lens from its portfolio, and then held too high and Avhsa and make sure they are free from any Chqat or broken edges because their presence may be hurting your eyes.

5. Place the lens over the head of the right index finger, then place a few dots of moistening solution inside the lens and approached the mirror.

6. Place the left index finger close to the eyelashes eyelid top and lift it up gently, then place the middle finger of your right hand (or hand that you use a key) near the eyelid Lower Ajzbh down gently, so that the exposure of the colored part of the eye (ie, black), where the lens will be installed on it.

7. See directly in front of you in the mirror and your eyes wide open, two women, and then place the lens gently on the colored part of the eye.

8. Leave eyelid slow Aremc Mtalip several times because it helps stabilize the lens on the center of the eye.
Over time, you get used to do so without the need to mirror. In the beginning, the mirror will help you to install the lens in the proper status within the eye.
After placing the lens in the eye wash with clean water and portfolio set aside to dry

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