Light is a vital need

Publié par happy-diet dimanche 9 mai 2010

Light is a vital need

Vitale, light! So much so that the need for natural light is in our genes. "We know that breathing clean air, drinking water quality, balanced diet is important for a healthy life," said Dr. Christopher Andrew, a psychiatrist. But we often forget that natural light is an essential element to our well-being and our emotional balance.

Seasonal depression affects 1-3% of the population. But without taking a serious form as a "mal-illumination" may also affect our quality of life. Top blues, fatigue on awakening, excessive craving for sugar, weight gain ... This is called the "melancholy of winter" button and 30-50% of people with symptoms more or less important. "

Conversely, a stroll on a sunny day, even in this cold winter, and it is unstoppable, our morale recovers rapidly colors.

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