light therapy against depression

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light therapy against depression

Each year, the same thing. By the end of summer, you feel sluggish and tired reassert themselves. Have not tried the cures of light? Everything you need to know about light therapy.
5% of the population suffers from seasonal affective disorder. Also referred to as seasonal depression. Winter is synonymous with depression. One reason: the deficit of brightness at this time of year. This is in fact essential for the proper functioning of our body because it regulates our body clocks. The night when we close our eyes, we secrete a hormone that people drowsy, melatonin. In the morning, simply open your eyes and expose the retina to light stops the secretion of this hormone. This explains why some of us more sensitive to variations in light will experience feelings of tiredness and lethargy, persistent in winter when the days are shorter and grayer. Thus it was therefore thought to offer cures artificial light to control these disorders and boost morale.

At the hospital or at home
To recharge the batteries, but needless to shine your light on your desktop. Only specific lamps that diffuse white light and filter out ultraviolet and infrared rays are effective and safe. Some hospitals, including Sainte-Anne in Paris, offering this type of treatment. However, it is more convenient to home care. But before investing in a lamp, better consult a doctor who will ensure that you have good seasonal affective disorder.

If you then decide to invest, know that the expenditure will amount to around € 200. Make sure the lamp you are about to buy emits no radiation and it has a UV filter. The CE marking is a guarantee of safety. She must broadcast a light 10.000lux. The treatment begins in the fall and continues through spring. The exhibition will last 30 minutes each day. Rather, morning and evening. The effects are felt by the second week.

Alternatively, if you have time and resources, you can also opt for a holiday in the sun. Expatriation bonus!

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