New surgical methods to prevent an explosion aorta!

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New surgical methods to prevent an explosion aorta!

New surgical method of competing with traditional surgery to get rid of swelling aorta, which can lead to death.

The aorta is the receptacle in the main dynamic, which carries oxygen-rich blood, heart, and distribute it.

Sweden and the study assumes that new departures are more friendly to so-called «reform vascular procedure» (endovascular repair) is a good alternative to open surgery, at least in the short term.

Swelling of the dangerous
Off aorta (aorta) of the left ventricle of the heart, which is the main cubicle Aldhakp him, and then bend over Mtqosa heart, and then falls toward the center of the body, any body cavity, following the spine.

And when it reaches the region over the pelvic bones directly, it is divided into two branches, one going to the right foot, while the other branch goes to the left foot.

And lead to smoke, and the accumulation of fatty deposits, and other adverse factors, the risk of causing weakening of the wall area at the aorta, which leads to swelling of the walls there.

And know the status of this situation Alonorrisma swelling in the aorta (aneurysm aorta), or disease «aneurysm» in the aorta, which is extended or swell.

In spite of the situation «aneurysm» (aneurysm) can appear in any location on the aorta, it appears in the majority of cases in the middle of the body.

In general, the swelling of the aorta may be of unnoticed over the years. Small bulges are not a problem, but big can be important, since the possibility of an explosion, one rises dramatically after that exceed two inches in diameter (5.5 cm).

When the swelling explode «aneurysm», the blood leak strongly toward the center of the body, causing pain and a sudden fall in blood pressure.

Half the patients die before they reach the surgery room, and survive only half of those who received first-aid surgery.

The case of «aortic aneurysm» require major surgery, as the surgeon hard body in an area stretching from under the breastbone to the navel. To access the aorta, the next move by the small intestine and other organs.

The flow is stopped by placing a wall in the aorta above the site of swelling. Is then split swelling and composite industrial sewing tube in the position of the damaged portion of the aorta.

And this process will lead to stress the heart, and all parts of the body, as does open-heart surgery, and even more of them. And are recovering slowly, and often lasts a month or two months.

However, the simplest method, developed by a number of researchers in the United States and other countries in the early nineties of the last century, called the «reform vascular procedure».

The process begins as begin the process of removing the arteries are narrowed, and that hard-body introduced two inches in two near the top of the thighs, then enter a tube made of a fabric of polyester, are placed on a metal structure, to guide gently up through the artery femoral, until you reach some sites stick to the top and bottom of the bulge region «aneurysm».

And then prove this tool called (stent graft) (with support vaccination) in the position required.

Although there is a need, the last part of this tool also introduces an additional way for the main part of dock. Thus, the blood flow through the tube without passing through the area of swelling.

Comparing options
The simplification of how to reform the «aneurysm» in the aorta will widen over the conduct of operations, to include a larger number of people, including the sick and the elderly. However, this expansion in the conduct of operations made it difficult to compare both types of operations.

The researchers followed the Swedes about 13 thousand men and women who underwent repair «aneurysm» in the aorta between 1987 and 2005, and it appeared that the proportion of people who have lived for 5 years after the reform process increased from 67 per cent, the percentage recorded between 1987 and 1999, the period in which almost all of the operations carried out open surgery, to 72 per cent between 2000 and 2005, a period that made the process of reform is one of the vascular procedure, out of every five transactions.

It was noted the largest increases among persons in the eighties of the age, who underwent most of the reform process for the vascular procedure «aneurysm» in the aorta (the magazine «Circulation» July 21 (2009)).

Also showed an increase in the number of survivors after an operation or treatment of blood, even after an increase in the number of people sick or elderly, who have undergone the process of reform vascular procedure.

In fact, the number of Swedish survivors of those who underwent operation between 2000 and 2005, staying close to the numbers corresponding to the Swedes age group and sex itself, who did not suffer the problems of the blood vessels.

Swedish study and help remove the fears which claims that the reform process is the process of vascular procedure of the second division.

But certainly say that it is still considered a new way, so the experts can not be considered permanent, such as the open surgery.

The results do not help us to monitor the priority of each of the two processes. Therefore, the patients consult with their doctor about the best starting points for treatment.

Monitoring «aneurysm» and treatment
How do you know that the situation of «aneurysm» available to you? The majority of people do not know it, this situation does not cause pain, nor does it lead to the emergence of any symptoms, before it explodes swelling.

And discover the «aneurysm» in the aorta usually when testing on other health problems. The doctor can sense when the swelling rate after touching the abdomen, or shadows can appear, on examination, radiographic imaging and the like, for the heart or Al-Jouf.

If you have found the situation, the doctor will be asked to check out the ultrasound, and CT class or Palmrnan magnetic, to make sure of it.

And some doctors recommend subjecting all persons between the ages of 65 and 75 years of former smokers tests for the detection of «aneurysm» in the aorta.

Ask for advice from your doctor if your father or relative was injured in this case.

What next?
If swelling «aneurysm» you have a small, you have to wait and caution. This means to go to scan every 6-12 months to see what happens to the swelling, the doctor also Siusik developing strategies to prevent further swelling volume and the prevention of disintegration.

These strategies include taking the medications that you are suffering from high blood pressure, and to refrain from smoking if you are a smoker.

And some people do not increase the size of swelling «aneurysm» at all, did not reach the degree of risk, which is not a cause for concern. But it's getting to the other, so it requires reform.

So why does not fix the situation «aneurysm» Four monitored? That reform can be a serious serious situation «aneurysm» itself, Valjrahp open major surgery straining the heart and other body organs.

At the level of the United States, nearly 4 100 people who had been subjected to the process, died within 30 days of conduct, despite the fact that this ratio less than to 2 out of every 100 After conducting health centers developed, which often take place where the operation.

The number of deaths after the reform process vascular procedure amounts to about half the number of deaths almost open surgery.

It is important to get treatment is true for the case of «or blood», but it is preferable prevent its occurrence, and can be reached in a manner preventing the occurrence of heart disease the same: Exercise More Exercise, a healthy diet, refrain from smoking, then taking drugs such as statins, aspirin and ACE inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE inhibitors) if necessary.

Essential points
- Is necessary to reform Alonorrisma bulges (aneurysm), disease «or blood», especially those that have a diameter of 5.5 cm or more.

- Implement each of the open surgery, and surgery «reform vascular procedure» that is made from within the blood vessel, its tasks are required.

- Priority support each of the two surgeries on the person's age, general health condition, and a host of other factors.

Two types of surgery
- Surgical repair for «aneurysm» aorta in the middle of the body include: Open the chest, stop the flow of blood through the aorta, and then split the «aneurysm», and then sewing «taste» of the fabric of polyester.

- The reform of vascular procedure, it requires the creation of a small incision on each thigh, and insert a catheter tube with a bearing support, through the femoral artery to bulge region «aneurysm», and then placed pillar after the open, to remain a pipe installed in the aorta

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